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Have Answer For All The Services On Hand By Handyman Application

At this time it is difficult to find all the services in one place. But with our custom Handyman application, we provide all the services with different functionalities in one place to make your life easy and comfortable.


of people appoint services by app


of CAGR is by handyman services


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Be The Helping Hand In Everyone Life By Custom Handyman Application

The Handyman application is a single platform with many options and selections which help you with daily life services. We will give the application with all the required integrations, plugins, platforms, and effective performance. There are filers, options, tracking, booking, payment gateways, and more to give the proper application without any security error.

Perks of Having a Handyman Application

When you have a handyman application it means that you will get all the services in one place which provides all the smart solutions. The platform gives all the services at home with your desired time, place, and firm.

Basic Features

Hustle For Handyman Application Development Services



Booking Request


24/7 Operation


Push Notification

Review and Rating

Chat Option

Customized Settings

Registration and Authorization

Integrate Geolocation

Booking Board

Cancellation Policy Integration

All Time Operations

Gateway Payment Integration

Real-Time Updates

Feedback Form

Integrated Chat Box

User Dashboard Management

Technology Stack

Services With Technology To Give Good Handyman Application

Programming Language

Objective C





Android SDK




Google Maps


Unique Features

Have All The Services On Hand By Custom Handyman Application

Schedule Appointment

We give you the option to schedule the appointment as per your convenient time and day for the required services.

Multiple Payment Methods

There are multiple payment methods available in the application for the convenient mode of transition.

GPS Location Tracking

You can get an idea of the nearby service providers and the time they will take to reach your location.

Customer Loyalty Points

We give customer loyalty points to engage the audience and give them offers and discounts on services.

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Development Cost

Handy Services Comes With A Handful Cash

The development cost of the handyman application is different for each project depending on the integrations and plugins the clients want for the project. The average development cost is $14,000 to $25,000. The price can range according to the client’s requirements and resources involved in the project development.

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Why Make Vrinsoft Your Service Partner

Vrinsoft has years of experience in developing different kinds of applications that provide various kinds of services as per the client’s requirements and time with proper integration of all the advanced technology and resources for easy access to all the services.

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Popular Handyman Application Development FAQ

We provide the location, filter, payment gateway, and other integrations to enhance the app for a user-friendly experience.

Yes, we update the existing app with more enhanced performance and security in the application for all platforms and devices.

The timeline depends on the type of application clients want for handyman services and our company is known to give the project i9n the meantime possible.

We provide all the complete security integrations for payment data and maintain the client's and firms' personal data private.


You Have A Vision. We Have A Way!

Please send us information about your project. One of our project managers shall evaluate your project requirements and give you a formal proposal. Detailed information will help us evaluate your project accurately.

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