Medication Reminder App 

A pharmaceutical company based in the US aimed to create an application that would provide information and set reminders for medical tests to its users. The company aimed to provide a user-friendly experience for those with limited knowledge of technology. They collaborated with Vrinsoft for the project, as we had already developed several healthcare apps in the US. This case study will offer a comprehensive understanding of the project’s objectives, strategies, and results.  

  • React Native
  • iOS
  • Android

Notable Milestones


  • Create an easy-to-use app for viewing product information and setting usage reminders.
  • Allow users to interact with products without needing registration.
  • Provide an easy approach for increasing product engagement.
  • Implement a real-time product usage reminder system.
  • Create a web admin panel to allow for the quick upload of items to the application.


  • Our design approach is based on user-centricity, resulting in an intuitive interface and smooth navigation.
  • Build a product catalog with the necessary information for users.
  • Allow users to choose a product to set reminders.
  • Create various reminder settings based on the user’s requirements.
  • Provide direct access to the product catalog without registration or login. 


  • Increased user engagement with products.
  • Simplified access to product information.
  • Improved product usage frequency among users. 

Project Highlights

  • Develop a user-centric application design for easy accessibility.
  • Cross-platform development for wider availability.
  • Build personalized usage reminder settings based on user input.
  • Implement a notification system for new products.
  • Allow users to set reminders without signing up or logging in.
  • Build easy to navigate, simple app for Improving interaction between the product and the user.
  • Create a separate web portal for the admin to add new products and edit.

Our Client

Our client is a reputable pharmaceutical company located in the USA. They offer a diverse range of at-home testing kits requiring precise timing for accurate results. To enhance the testing experience for their customers, the company wanted to develop a user-friendly reminder app. Users can achieve more accurate testing results by combining a reminder function with the testing process.

Client Requirement

  • User-friendly application for product information and testing.  
  • Users can choose a product and set reminders.
  • No login or registration for easy access.
  • Build the app using Cross-platform technology for broader reach.
  • Create an admin panel to add or edit products and information.

Proposed Solution to fix operational process

The key to this solution is its simplicity. Users can easily choose products from a complete catalog and set reminder preferences without any complicated setup. This method promotes natural user engagement and encourages a more active user community. The choice of implementing the app across both the Android and iOS platforms ensures an identical user interface for an extensive range of customers.  

For the company, we added a web admin panel. They can simply access the admin panel to easily add, remove, or edit products or information. This way, the clients can add more products to the app, provide relevant information and improve customer engagement.

We chose this solution because of the following reasons:

We choose this solution after carefully evaluating several important factors. These factors work together to meet our client’s goals and reflect the core of our project. Here is why we choose to go with this solution.



A smooth onboarding process that doesn’t require login or registration makes it easy for users to start using the application immediately.


This system can operate independently of an internet connection, allowing users to receive their reminders even when offline.


React Native ensures a consistent experience on Android and iOS platforms.


The App provides customized reminders, easy access to products, and a user-friendly interface to promote continued engagement.  

Key Features


  • 01. Product Catalogue

    Access a comprehensive catalog of products available for selection.

  • 02. Timely Alerts

    Stay on track with your product usage and schedule through timely reminders.

  • 03. Cross-Platform Compatibility

    The app is available on both Android and iOS platforms for easy accessibility.

  • 04. Admin Panel

    Admins can easily add new products through the web-based admin panel.

  • 05. Reminder Frequency Settings

    Choose from options like daily, weekly, and monthly reminders for flexible product usage scheduling.

  • 06. Simplified UI

    Interact with the app's intuitive and user-friendly interface for seamless navigation.

  • 07. No Login or Registration

    Access product information and set reminders without the hassle of signing up.

  • 08. Zero Learning Curve

    Navigate the app effortlessly without the need for tutorials or guides.


Benefits of Hospitality Website

The application helps users to interact with products smoothly, which leads to better usage rates. Users receive reminders to stick to their usage routines, resulting in improved product utilization overall. By eliminating the need for login or registration, we reduce the friction users experience during onboarding. This streamlined approach ensures that users can quickly access product information and set reminders without encountering any unnecessary obstacles.

The Result

The app was a success, and clients provided positive feedback. The easy-to-use app can be utilized by anyone who needs help understanding the complicacy of technology. As a result of using the application, users experienced increased engagement, more frequent usage of the product, and higher satisfaction levels.


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