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A leading Denish E-commerce website needed to optimize its website and try a new approach to digital marketing. They are one of the top iPhone sellers in Denmark and trying to compete with Amazon. They approached us to enhance their website performance, widen their reach and penetrate the multilingual market. This case study will explore how Vrinsoft helped them achieve their goal in a few months and solve various issues with digital marketing.  

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  • Website

Notable Milestones


  • Make the website SEO optimized and increase daily website visitors.
  • Improve the website’s search engine ranking and achieve top positions for targeted keywords. 
  • Establish the client’s platform as the leading destination for exclusive product launches in Europe.
  • Boost website engagement by improving user interactions.


  • Conduct a comprehensive SEO audit and optimize the website for relevant keywords and user intent.
  • Implement a data-driven content marketing plan to regularly provide valuable and engaging content to the target audience.
  • Leverage social media platforms and influencer marketing to expand brand reach and engage with potential customers.
  • Launch targeted PPC campaigns to drive immediate traffic and increase conversions, focusing on high-value keywords and demographics.


  • Increased daily website visitors from 15,000+ to 25,000+ after project implementation.
  • Clients’ annual turnover grew from approximately 1 billion DKK to 2.2 billion DKK post our marketing services.
  • Successfully resolves SEO and multilingual challenges, improving site performance and visibility.
  • Fulfillment of client’s objective to double website visitors in the initial months and achieve a doubling of turnover in the next 3-4 years.

Project Highlights

  • Search engine optimization of the client’s website to improve visibility.
  • Coordinate with the client’s development team to optimize the website.
  • Publish multilingual content to expand the brand’s reach.
  • Provide development support to clients to solve website issues.
  • The successful launch of an exclusive product series strengthens the client’s position in the market.

Our Client

The client is a well-established company with a platform that has operated since 1996. They are one of the largest e-commerce websites in Denmark that offers products like iPhones, smartphone, and other multimedia devices. They were looking for a digital marketing partner with a strong background in e-commerce to help them optimize their website. This case study will explore how vrinsoft helps the client achieve better search engine visibility and brand awareness and increase revenue. 

Client Requirement

  • Enhance website performance by optimizing SEO.
  • Expand reach to multilingual audiences with content. 
  • Increase daily website visitors and engagement. 
  • Apply different marketing services to boost annual turnover.

Proposed Solution to fix operational process

After thorough research and consultation, we chose a multifaceted approach to help clients achieve their goals. To improve the website’s functionality and attract more visitors daily, we conducted a comprehensive SEO review and executed specific optimizations like keyword research and on-page SEO enhancements. Also, we tackled the language barrier by creating multilingual content to cater to a wider audience.

We recommended targeted PPC campaigns to attract potential customers and boost conversions. The client saw increased visibility and better lead-to-sale conversion rates by focusing on high-value keywords and demographics. We also helped the client launch various product series exclusively in Europe, further solidifying their market position.

Why we chose this solution: Our approach included a range of digital marketing services such as SEO, SMO, influencer marketing, mobile marketing, and paid advertising. This comprehensive approach provided excellent coverage and exceptional results for our client’s platform.


We improved website performance, boosted organic traffic, and enhanced online visibility by conducting an SEO audit and implementing targeted optimizations.


To solve the language barrier issues, we created content in multiple languages to penetrate the market, expand the reach, and engage a broader audience.


Using social media platforms and influencer marketing effectively expanded the brand’s reach and built credibility.


Launching an exclusive product improved the client’s market position and attracted more customers.

Key Features


  • 01. Quality Backlink Generation

    After conducting a comprehensive search of reputable websites and consulting with industry experts, we successfully acquired high-quality DA and PA backlinks through personalized outreach and collaborative content efforts.

  • 02. Strong Interlinking in the Site

    Implemented strong Interlinking within the site for improved user navigation and enhanced SEO performance.

  • 03. Relevant Danish Keywords Optimization

    We strategically optimized Danish keywords to reach local audiences and boost visibility in the Danish market.

  • 04. Applicable Content Placing for New Product Launch

    We strategically placed captivating content for the launch of a new product, which led to increased excitement and interest among the target audience beating giants like Amazon in Denmark.

  • 05. Implement Dynamic Meta tags

    By implementing dynamic meta tags, we optimize the title and description of each webpage. This helps improve their visibility on search engines and click-through rate.


Benefit of This Solution

We choose this solution based on the client’s requirements and goals for the future. Our solution to revitalize clients’ websites by using multiple digital marketing approaches helps them attain a leading spot in the industry. We helped them gain more than 60% of original website visits in the initial months. Our digital marketing efforts have helped them generate more than double the revenue from the past fiscal year.

The Result

We exceeded the client's expectations, and they were happy about the result. We assisted them in achieving their goal earlier than they had predicted.


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