Ecommerce and Service Provider Platform

  • PHP (Laravel)
  • MySQL
  • Flutter
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Website Portal


The era of digitalization has been beneficial for both small and large businesses. However, at times, it can have a negative impact on local companies and the market. To support and promote local shops and businesses, our client approached us to develop an ecosystem that facilitates online orders and connects local technicians with work opportunities. This case study will delve into the project’s objectives, strategies, and results.

Project Highlights

  • Develop an e-commerce platform for various stores and home improvement equipment.
  • The platform features a dynamic pricing display that showcases both the actual and discounted prices.
  • Users can buy goods online and in-store based on availability.
  • Local technicians can post services and quotes on the platform.
  • For repeat purchases, provide loyalty points to the customers.
  • Create a website portal for suppliers to access the platform.
  • Users can access real-time product listings, ensuring they have the most up-to-date information at their fingertips.
  • The platform is built on a scalable architecture, ensuring it can handle increased traffic and data as the user base grows.


  • Build a user-friendly trade ecosystem e-commerce platform.
  • Allow customers to choose to buy goods online and pick them up from the store. 
  • Create a job board for skilled technicians to post quotes on the platform.
  • Allow access to suppliers to the platform to enhance collaboration and communication between suppliers and users.


  • Create a responsive design for an optimal mobile user experience.
  • Allow easy registration and verification process for technicians.
  • Develop a website portal for suppliers to access and update the product list.
  • Ensure payment processing is secure and efficient.
  • Develop using cross-platform development for wider accessibility.


  • Increased User Engagement and Satisfaction.
  • Expanded User Base and Revenue Growth.
  • Promoted local stores and companies to a wider audience.

Our Client

The client is one of the leading companies that offers various goods and products related to home improvement. They wanted to create an e-commerce platform that comprises a trade ecosystem. To encourage local shops and technicians, they wanted to create a platform that supports and promotes them.

Client Requirement

  • Build a mobile app for customers to access and purchase home improvement products.
  • Create a website portal for suppliers and technicians to update product lists and post service quotes.
  • Provide a list of local shops and companies that partnered with us.
  • Show a list of stores that provide in-store purchases.

Proposed Solution

Our proposed solution for this dynamic trade website and mobile app harnesses a powerful tech stack comprising PHP (Laravel), MySQL, and Flutter. By using PHP (Laravel) on the backend, we make sure that there is strong server-side processing and smooth data management. MySQL is a dependable database system that stores and retrieves data efficiently. We chose Flutter as our framework because it allows us to create a mobile app with many features that provide a consistent user experience on both iOS and Android devices.Why We Choose This Solution?

Why We Choose This Solution?

We chose this solution to accommodate the client’s requirements and build a robust platform. Here is why we chose this solution.

  • Flutter allows us to develop a single codebase that functions seamlessly on iOS and Android devices, reducing development time.
  • Laravel is a secure and scalable framework for managing user data, supplier info, and real-time transactions, perfect for our project.
  • MySQL serves as our database system, providing reliable data storage and retrieval capabilities, and it's proven to handle large datasets.
  • The selection of this solution allows us to integrate secure payment processing through well-established providers, ensuring the safety of user financial information and transactions.

Benefit of This Solution

Our solution has many benefits that span different aspects of the trade industry. We prioritize a mobile-first design to make it accessible to a wider audience, which leads to higher user engagement and satisfaction. We incorporate real-time product listings, dynamic pricing displays, and efficient communication channels to streamline procurement processes, making product purchasing and job posting easier. Additionally, secure payment processing builds trust among users, and our scalable architecture ensures the platform can adapt to the client’s expanding needs.

Key Feature

E-commerce platform

Users can access the e-commerce platform that is designed to offer home improvement tools and equipment.

Detailed Product Information

Users can access comprehensive product details, including specifications, images, and user reviews, facilitating well-informed purchasing decisions.

Supplier Management Portal

We’ve developed a comprehensive supplier management portal that simplifies supplier registration and empowers them to efficiently list their products. Suppliers can seamlessly update and manage their offerings.

Real-Time Product Listings

Users benefit from real-time product listings, providing them with the latest information on product availability, pricing, and discounts, enhancing their purchasing decisions.

Dynamic Pricing Display

Our platform offers a dynamic pricing display that showcases both actual and discounted prices. This transparency empowers users to make informed choices.

Quote/Job Posting Functionality

Users can effortlessly create and post quotes and job opportunities. These postings are distributed via email to technical users, streamlining job recruitment and procurement processes.

Secure Payment Processing

We’ve integrated robust payment processing, guaranteeing secure transactions and safeguarding user financial information. Users can make payments with confidence.

Advanced Search and Filters

Users can access the e-commerce platform that is designed to offer home improvement tools and equipment.Users can easily find products and services through advanced search functionality and filters, allowing them to narrow down their choices based on specific criteria.

Integration with Third-Party Tools

The platform offers seamless integration with third-party tools and services, such as shipping and logistics solutions, to streamline the procurement and delivery processes.

The Result

We successfully delivered the e-commerce platform and mobile application for both iOS and Android. The client loved the result and user-friendly design.


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