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Keep up with the rapidly growing technology in the healthcare industry. Implement digital solutions that use the latest technologies to offer superior healthcare services. We can make this happen with state-of-the-art software as well as mobile & web applications.

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Our Healthcare Solutions

The professional developers at Vrinsoft have the expertise to develop robust applications to take healthcare to the next level. We take advantage of current technologies to make it easier for you to take care of your patients. Patients too can use more interactive devices and recover faster.

  • Movement data analysis (AI)
  • Medication and procedure reminders Apps
  • Remote patient monitoring (RPM)
  • Disease management
  • Data collection & analytics
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Automate clinical workflow with efficient EHR & EMR software. Maintain electronic health records and priorities patient procedures. Ensure patients have a good experience and recover faster with remote solutions.

  • Smart and more focused healthcare
  • Prioritize tasks with patients cards and dashboards
  • ePrescribing
  • Patient Messaging
  • Cloud support for remote access
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We provide custom mobile applications to help organize your medical service is better. It can automate your tasks and prioritize them more efficiently. Our professional developers make health care simpler for your patients.

  • Mobilize healthcare
  • More user-friendly for Patients
  • Well-designed apps to develop trust
  • Solutions that implement advanced technologies
  • Streamline decision making
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Custom software development for the perfect health care solution to make your services are accessible round the clock on a user-friendly mobile app. Allow patients to share important data remotely for analysis and generate rapid reports and care plans.

  • Remote care options
  • Monitor patient progress
  • Reduce health risks
  • Streamline medical processes
  • More connected & efficient
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Nanoknee is a platform that provides knee replacement treatments, and the client wanted us to design two apps, one for the doctor and the other for the patient. We tried our best to compose a dynamic app for them with some distinctive features.



We help them create an application that can book and manage all their users' healthcare appointments. By using all the latest tactics we made sure our client’s app can help their users to stay connected with their healthcare providers digitally and maintain all properly with just a click.



Get instant free answers to all health-related issues from expert doctors on your device with just a tap. 24/7 access is also available with the primary doctor on Video chat and text chat. The doctors that you meet on the application are trustworthy and well-trained professional.

Our Healthcare Specialties


Expertise to develop the perfect app to automate routine tasks and make healthcare more efficient. This is achieved by implementing the latest technologies.

Data Analytics

Mobile and web applications to help analyses the patient faster and more accurately. This is possible both locally and remotely. An interactive dashboard to make the process simpler and more accessible.

Remote Care

Remote care options in the case of emergencies as well as to help the patients recover better. Real-time care for the patients along with telemedicine solutions.


Seamless integration of patients cares and reporting systems to reduce delays caused due to the use of legacy systems. Optimize your digital solutions with a more integrated solution.

Virtual health

A Virtual health solution that takes advantage of the latest technologies that the IT field has to offer. This includes remote access, virtual tools use of AI/ML.

Customized solutions

Custom-designed health care solutions to treat patients more effectively and lower the cost of healthcare. More integrated digital tools for faster diagnosis and reports. Reduce the margin of error with our efficient systems.

Application Development

Why Choose Vrinsoft

Our Development

Vrinsoft has a professional team that is highly skilled to develop the best business strategy and Technology solutions.

  • Highly Creative & Motivated Teams

  • We Understand Business Needs

  • Quality & Security Adherence

  • Your Ideas Are Safe With Us

  • Timely Solutions

  • DevOps Enablement

Awards & Recognition

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are several technologies implemented for healthcare services like Artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchain, VR/AR and many more.

The cost of a healthcare application depends a great deal on the type of features you include and the platform it is built on.

Medical clinics make use of many types of software like a decision support system, registry for diseases, EMR, EHR, PHR, online prestriction, telehealth, and more.

It is a good practice to do some research over the Internet to find the best development company. Vrinsoft is a well-established firm that has been around for over 12 years and is present in 7 countries. This is an award-winning company with several certifications including ISO 9001. You can trust us to build the perfect healthcare app for you.

The technological advancements are used to develop more efficient software like mobile and web applications as well as other custom software to make healthcare more accessible. This helps reduce medical errors and allows clinics to care for their patients better.

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