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We all want to know and understand big platforms like the NFT marketplace. But what we say is that we have made it more fun and thrilling for you by horse race gaming. Yes, we provide the new age NTF marketplace development by Zed Run.


NFT sold every week


trading volume every month


Number of owners in Zed Run


is the average day price for the trading


Build the thrilling NFT Marketplace solutions and win the race

Vrinsoft, a well-known NFT development company, is one of the renowned places to make your horses run and win by the Zed clone run gaming. We create the most eye-catching and trendy NFT marketplace solution gaming. In the game, you can breed between the horses to make them the most vital assets and position in the NFT marketplace services, just like in real life.

Perks of Having an NFT Gaming Application

Vrinsoft, an India-based company, developed Zed Run, an NFT gaming platform. We allow platform users to purchase, breed, and race virtual horses. These virtual horses are also known as breathing NFTs. Yes, these are the NFTs on the platform that players must purchase to perform additional actions such as breeding, racing, and selling.

Basic Features

All Time Known NFT Zed Run Gaming Development Features


Category Management

Stats Management

Profile Management

Blogs Management

Money Management

Account Linking

User profiles

Search bar

Personalized digital wallets

Listing assets for sale

Categorization of collectibles

Auction house

Technology Stack

Unique Tools And Technology we had used to Integrate NFT Gaming App




NFT Standards


ERC – 1155

ERC 998

SEP 721


Solana Megaplex

Storage Platform

Web3. Storage


Frond End Frameworks





Backend Development

Node JS




Unique Features

Innovative Business Run Features

Tokenization of Assets

We can walk you through identifying and preparing assets to be tokenized for the subsequent phases.

Set Permissions and User Roles

How you create user roles and restrict their permissions significantly impacts the security of your platform.

Smart Contract Creation

We created an NFT Marketplace while providing secure, TPS-compliant, and impermeable intelligent contract development.

Quality Control

Fine-tuning is essential, and we excel at providing the best testing strategies to ensure your marketplace’s high-end operations and workflow.

To Build the Application Of Your Dream, Wake Up and Join Vrinsoft

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Taxi Booking App Cost

Development Cost

What’s Game Without Bet To Win

The cost of developing an NFT zed run gaming App is determined by various factors such as the type of application you want to create, its features, functions, integrations, and so on. However, it ranges between $120,000 and $180,000.

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Why is Vrinsoft your ideal NFT app development partner?

In the same way that we look for the right business ideas in life, we look for a reliable app development company. Vrinsoft is the ideal choice for you because we provide robust and one-of-a-kind NFT app development solutions with innovative features.

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Taxi App Development Solutions
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Popular NFT App Development FAQ

Vrinsoft will provide you with professional teams to build a comprehensive, highly secure NFT marketplace. Due to our expertise in conjuring a multi-chain cross-platform, you can use our NFT marketplace development services to work across multiple chain dimensions.

Discover suitable clients and developers to launch your own NFT marketplace. We are blockchain technology pioneers, providing innovative solutions to build an NFT Marketplace for you.

The time depends on the various factors for the app development, the features, integrations, plugins, security, and more. After timelining all the elements, the company gives you the average development time.

Some marketplaces have mining fees for listing an NFT. Some others take mining fees only when the item gets sold. It also costs to open a crypto wallet account.

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