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Learning is an essential part of life and with new custom e-learning applications development it is easier and more convenient for the people. There are perfectly informative e-learning applications that give perfect results and experience of the learning to the audience.


of the Industry has grown since 2000


of Prefer E-learning to study


of profit margin every year


less time in learning


Never Stop Learning Have Help of Elearning Apps

The Elearning application is a very processed app to be built and needs proper access to information, images, videos, sounds, audio, etc integration to make the learning better and understanding for the audience. There are many learning categories that need to be taken care of in the process of development.

Perks of Having an E-learning Application

In the case of E-learning, applications are strengthening platforms and frameworks to give exposure to many things which helps in bringing greater audience engagement and users to the application.

Basic Features

The Easily Known Features Of E-Learning Application

mobile Icon

Easy registration

Attend online classes

Live Video conferencing

Online group studies

Easy connectivity with the tutor

Ask questions via chat

Take mock tests

Choose teachers of your choice


Individual Assessment

User Management

Group creation and management

Easy Subscription

E-commerce platform integration

Chat management

Subject management

Schedule class Sessions

Content Management

Response Record

Customization Profile

Technology Stack

Tools To Help In Getting Educated



React Native










Unique Features

Innovative Ways For Effective E-Learning

Lecture Scheduling

We provide the feature and function to schedule the particular you want to relearn or get an update on the desired upcoming lecture with push notification.

Live Streaming

You can live stream the particular lecture at the given time and date to learn the particular topic from the teacher.


There is an option to test your learning through mock tests and revision sessions to sharpen your learning skills.

Video And Audio Learning

We provide new-age learning technologies with video and audio files to give proper understanding to our learners.

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Taxi Booking App Cost

Development Cost

Learning Is For Everyone But Not Easy Available

The development of an E-learning application has many integrations and plugins to make it more understanding and accessible to the audience. The development cost of the app ranges from $15,000 to $50,000 which can be low or high depending on clients’ requirements.

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Why Vrinsoft Is your Learning Partner

Vrinsoft has built many applications like E-learning and others with proper frameworks, platforms, and integrations. We make the app easy to navigate and understood by the clients for proper learning.

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Taxi App Development Solutions
FAQ Image

Popular E-Learning App Development FAQ

There are many benefits given in the e-learning application like profile management, scheduling lectures, audio, and video lectures, and more.

We make apps with certain integrations, plugins, and security to give the enhanced performance and run of the application for the easy understanding and access of the app.

The time of the development depends on the factors the clients want in the project with certain functions and a timeline is given accordingly for the project development.

Yes, we work on the already existing app with more categorization, functionalities, and security for the application to effectively run on all platforms and devices.

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