Mobile-Web App for Soundproofing Services

  • Swift
  • PHP (Laravel)
  • MySQL 8.0
  • iOS
  • website


Businesses can enhance their management and streamline operations with iOS app development. Our client, a leading soundproofing agency in Australia, needed a solution to help them manage clients and help with inspection and quotation. They approached Vrinsoft to build a native iOS application and web application to help them optimize workflow and improve client satisfaction. This case study will provide detailed information on how we approached and completed this project.

Project Highlights

  • We developed a native iOS mobile app for performance and convenient access.
  • Build a comprehensive web admin panel for platform management.
  • Integrated client and project management functionalities.
  • Streamlined quotation generation with material costs and contractor selection.
  • Integration with a soundproofing material database.
  • Our solution offers reporting and analytics for data-driven insights.
  • A secure and scalable backend infrastructure will be used to prove it in the long term.
  • We have developed a user-friendly interface for both consultants and admins.


  • Create an app that simplifies client communication and project management for soundproofing consultants.
  • Build a backend system to Increase efficiency in generating accurate quotations.
  • Improve data management and reporting capabilities.
  • Allow easy collaboration between consultants and contractors.
  • Help clients manage all aspects of their soundproofing business.


  • Developed a native iOS app for consultants to manage client interactions, quotations, and basic project details.
  • Built a web admin panel for platform management, user management, quotation oversight, and material and contractor administration.
  • Integrated features for collecting soundproofing-related specific to the project information.
  • Offer custom features to streamline quote creation with material costs, contractor selection, and potential integration with a soundproofing material database.
  • Implemented a secure and scalable backend infrastructure using Laravel and MySQL.


  • The solution increased accuracy and speed of quote generation.
  • Help them enhance reporting capabilities to make informed decision-making.
  • Streamlined collaboration between consultants and contractors.
  • Provided a centralized platform for managing all aspects of the soundproofing business.

Our client

Our client is a leading soundproofing solution provider in Australia with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. They wanted to streamline client and consultant communication and add transparency to the cost allocation. With this iOS app, they wanted to enhance collaboration and maximize efficiency for customer satisfaction.

Client Requirements

  • Develop a mobile app for consultants to manage client interactions and quotations.
  • Create a web-based admin panel to oversee consultants, clients, projects, and materials.
  • Implement a reporting system to track key performance indicators.
  • Ensure a user-friendly and secure platform for efficient operations.

Proposed Solution

To help our client manage their business, we offer an app and web app solution. With this combination, they can easily manage clients, create queues, and handle basic project details. With the web admin panel, we offer an extensive solution to keep an eye on total user management, material, reporting, and other tasks.

Why We Chose This Solution

For this proposed solution and to accommodate the client’s needs, we used native iOS app development and web application. Here is why we chose this,

  • The native iOS mobile app offers consultants better performance and a seamless user experience.
  • The web admin panel streamlines centralized platform management.
  • Scalable backend infrastructure provides smooth operation as the business grows.
  • It helps us offer features that cater to the specific needs of soundproofing consultants and their projects.

Benefits of the Solution

For our iOS app and web app solution, we utilize Swift and Laravel (PHP)/MySQL to offer a secure and scalable solution. This tech stack will provide a smooth user experience, efficient data management, and future-proofs the platform for growth. We use this solution so it will enhance client operations and customer satisfaction.

Key Features

Client Management

Our solution enables consultants to efficiently manage their clients’ information, track visits, and handle project communication.

Quotation Generation

Generating quotations is made easy with our solution. You can create detailed estimates that include material costs, select contractors, and specify project details.

Project Management

It can help manage soundproofing projects effectively with our project management tools. Schedule site visits, capture photos for documentation, and track project progress.

Material Management

Our comprehensive material management system streamlines material procurement and usage. This will help them manage residential, commercial and industrial operations.

Contractor Management

The app can help you manage your contractors more easily. Create detailed profiles for each contractor and assign materials to them. You can also communicate with your contractors and consultants more easily.

Reporting & Analytics

Our reporting system allows you to generate detailed reports on client visits, quotations, materials usage, and revenue. This helps you make better decisions and track performance over time.

Secure Login & User Management

Our login and user management system keeps your data secure. Only authorized consultants and administrators can access your sensitive information.

Real-time Project Tracking

Our real-time project tracking system lets you monitor progress and schedule site visits. We can send you notifications in real time, so you stay updated on important events.

Push Notifications

Receive instant notifications for important events with our push notification feature. This will allow the consultant to act effectively and receive real-time information.


Using our CMS, help clients easily keep the About Us, Terms & Conditions, and FAQs sections up-to-date. This will ensure that your users always have access to accurate and current information.

The Result

The mobile app and web app solution we provided for our client's business was a huge success! They were amazed by the centralized management feature that allowed them to manage the customers with ease. This solution also helped them to streamline their back-end system and handle all their customers efficiently.


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