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We all want to find our happy place, which gives us comfort and happiness in life. The place where we can make memories and have a joyous future which leads us to a happy future.


of users find a property on the application


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Give People There Dream Place With Real Estate Application Development

Finding the property of your requirements isn’t an easy task and especially not with the traditional method. We give an amazingly functioning real estate application that shows you the property of your preference with all the required filters like location, room requirements, view, type of property, and additional facilities to make the finding property process easy.

Perks of Having Real Estate Application

The Real Estate application developed by Vrinsoft has all the features and functions to waste your property finding process with specialized integrations. We give location filters, cost filters, different payment gateways, and more to give scalable and high-end performing applications to users.

Basic Features

Bricking Features Of Real Estate App Development Features



Search Filters

Chat Option

Direct communication

Payment Gateways

Push Notifications


Managing Profile

Account Setting

Registration and Authorization

Geo Location

Search Integrations

Dashboard to Chat

Managing users contact

Payment Integrations

Real-Time Updates

User Profile

Admin Panel

Admin Dashboard

Technology Stack

Building Real Estate Application With Strengthening Technology

Programming Language

Objective C







React Native






Google Cloud

Google Map

Unique Features

Exploring Unique Features Of Real Estate Application

Multilingual App

We give multiple language options for an easy understanding of the place and property in your confronting language.

Simplified Search Option

There are good search options available to filter the property search completely and reach your wished place.

Accurate Information

We make an application with complete security and accuracy in the information and day of the property.

Payment Integrations

Our team gives various payment options like wallets, cards, UPI, and more for the convenient mode of transaction.

To Build the Application Of Your Dream, Wake Up and Join Vrinsoft

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Development Cost

The Price For Property

The Real Estate application development is a complete process of integrations, there are many layers to its development that require complete accuracy and security. The average cost of the development is around $25000 to $ 45000. This can be changed depending on various factors.

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Why Trust Vrinsoft with your property

The team of Vrinsoft has the proper idea and understanding of the development requirements of the Real Estate app. We give all the integrations, plugins, and features into consideration.

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Popular Real Estate App Development FAQ

We will integrate all the important features like location, payment, search filters, and more for performing and scalable application development.

Yes, we provide all the required integration which clients want and are suited for their business needs in the application?

We develop the app from scratch to give it a personalized and original touch for the clients and customers.

Our team tests the application on several testing platforms and methods to give error-free results without any glitches.

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