Smart Tank Monitoring Systems

An Ireland-based manufacturer is trying to find an innovative solution for remotely accessing data. They are one of Europe’s leading building material providers and wanted a sustainable way to build hardware integrated systems. They reached out to Vrinsoft for a comprehensive solution that offers a tank monitoring system, reporting, notifications, and other systems. In this case study, we will describe how Vrinsoft supported the development of a remote monitoring system that assists different businesses in managing and accessing storage systems.  

  • Angular 14
  • .NET 6
  • Azure Function
  • Azure B2C User Management
  • SignalR for Push Notification


  • Website Portal

Notable Milestones


  • Build real-time monitoring of tank metrics.
  • Add data visualization for enhanced decision-making.
  • Allow API-driven solutions for third-party app development.
  • Improved operational efficiency through data insights.
  • Seamless communication via real-time push notifications.


  • Integrate hardware-based sensors into software for tracking.
  • Build a user-friendly dashboard for output.
  • Create a custom API for the software to distribute.
  • Offer push notifications for updates and information.


  • Real-time updates for crucial information.
  • User-friendly dashboard for easy navigation.

Project Highlights

  • Created a website portal for tracking tank measurements and data visualization in real time.
  • API-driven features are included for smooth third-party app development.
  • Implemented user-friendly dashboards for intuitive navigation and efficient data management.
  • Established secure user authentication for data protection.
  • Created a robust push notification system for timely updates and alerts.
  • Designed customizable reports for tailored insights and data-driven decision-making.
  • Ensured a seamless user experience through well-defined user flows and interactions.

Our Client

The client is one of the top building material manufacturers from Ireland. One of their divisions offers various types of tanks for different industries. They needed a system to remotely check the water tank level, flow, and other parameters. They build a hardware system and look for a software development company for the software. They wanted to build a tank monitoring system with push notification, reporting, and other features to make the most out of it. They also wanted to make APIs to offer their customers. 

Client Requirement

  • They wanted a real-time tank metrics tracking system.
  • To understand the information, utilize data visualization tools.
  • API integration for third-party applications.
  • Push notification for real-time data.
  • Create report generating tool for data.

Proposed Solution to fix operational process

To address the issue at hand, a three-part solution was proposed. The first part is a website portal that serves as a central location for Kingspan to manage its smart tank network. Through this portal, they can access data from all their tanks, such as sensor data, water level, and capacity. Also, they can create reports and share them with customers.

The second part of the solution is the customer API. This feature allows customers to develop their own smart tank applications with access to data from all Kingspan’s tanks. With the API, customers can create applications that monitor their tanks, send alerts, and control valves

The report-making tool helps clients to better understand their data. With this tool, they can generate custom reports based on their data, which allows them to identify trends, make sound decisions, and improve their business overall.

Why we chose this solution: The chosen solution leveraged cutting-edge technologies that seamlessly integrated Angular and .NET, ensuring a responsive and feature-rich frontend that aligns with the industry’s best practices.  


The utilization of Azure B2C User Management provided a secure and scalable user authentication system.


By implementing SignalR, we achieved real-time push notifications, enabling instant updates and alerts for any changes or critical information related to the smart tanks.


The capability to generate customizable reports offers clients the ability to extract specific insights and data points that matter most to their operations.

Key Features


  • 01. Real-Time Sensor Data Display

    Instantly access up-to-the-minute tank metrics, ensuring timely insights for effective decision-making.

  • 02. Water Level and Capacity Tracking

    Effortlessly monitor water levels and tank capacity, facilitating optimal resource management.

  • 03. Graph-Based Data Visualization

    Visualize data trends through interactive graphs, simplifying the interpretation of complex information.

  • 04. Device Mapping

    Pinpoint tank locations on an interactive map, enabling quick and efficient tracking across various sites.

  • 05. User-Friendly Dashboard

    Navigate through a well-organized dashboard designed for ease of use, ensuring efficient data access and management.

  • 06. API-Driven Third-Party Solutions

    Provide an API platform for third-party developers to create custom applications, expanding the app's capabilities.

  • 07. Real-Time Push Notifications

    Stay informed with instant push notifications for critical updates, enhancing communication efficiency.

  • 08. Efficient Filter and Table Functionality

    Utilize versatile filters and tables for streamlined data management and exploration.

  • 09. Customizable Reports

    Generate tailored reports to extract specific insights, enhancing decision-making with relevant information.


Benefit of This Solution

Our smart tank internal app has proven to be immensely beneficial, thanks to its integration of cutting-edge technology and user-centric design. With real-time insights into tank metrics and efficient data visualization, our solution empowers clients to make informed decisions quickly, resulting in optimized operational efficiency.

Our API-driven approach fosters innovation through third-party app development and streamlines data access and analysis. The user-friendly dashboard and customizable reporting provide a tailored user experience, making data management and strategic planning effortless.

The Result

The project was a success, and the client can now manage their smart tank network more effectively and efficiently. They have also received positive feedback from their customers. The solution has helped them to improve their business and achieve their goals.


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