What is the difference between Native App development and Cross platform development?

Native app development involves the development of an application for a specific mobile platform (iOS or Android); using the language and development tools supported by the respective platforms. Cross platform development involves the development of mobile applications which can be used on multiple mobile platforms.

What is the difference between LAMP stack and MEAN stack?

LAMP is an acronym for Linux (L), Apache (A), MySQL (M) and PHP (P) – an open source web development platform which is used for developing dynamic and high-performance web sites and applications. MEAN is an acronym for MongoDB (M), ExpressJS (E), AngularJS (A) and Node.js (N) – a collection of JavaScript based technologies which are used for developing faster and secure web applications.

What platform should we focus on? Android/iOS or both?

Well, this depends on the cost, demographics, and speed to market (STM). Moreover, you should ask yourself these few questions: 1. What are the demographics of your target customers? 2. Which mobile platform your potential customers are using the most? 3. What is your budget for the development of your application? On the basis of the answers you get, you will be able to decide which application you should develop first. Our experience says that the majority of Asian clients give priority to Android platform and the European & American clients prioritize the iOS platform.

Should we support iPad versions for iOS and tablet version for Android?

Almost all the Android/iOS applications work on the Tablet/iPad, but if you have any particular requirement, market base & budget then you can develop separate applications for iPad/Tablet.

What happens to my application if any new OS is released for both Android and iOS?

In general, Android & iOS do take care of the old functions – for your applications to continue working after the release of any new OS. However, if your whole application or any specific section stops working you should contact your development team to get your application fixed.

What can I do to make my app successful?

To make your application successful – you should focus on the purpose of the application; you must have solid marketing strategies; sufficient budget; you should know your target customers. Based on this, you should formulate your development plans and reach your potential customers.

How do I make sure that my unique app idea is secure with you?

At Vrinsoft Technology, we do sign an NDA to guarantee the security of your app idea.

I want to develop an application for my business, but I am not a tech savvy person. How can you help me?

Well, in the past we have worked with many non-technical clients and we have helped them throughout their app development process. You can definitely share your ideas and suggestions or ask any question to our developing team, they will guide you as well as propose the best approach for optimum results.

What is the approximate cost to develop an application?

Every application has its own unique features and complexities – thus application development can start at $2000 depending upon the scope and complexity. You can click here to get your approximate development cost.

What is the payment procedure?

Our development process is divided into few modules, thus, whenever we finish any module, we send it for client approval. And when the client approves that module, he has to release the payment proposed for that respective module. By this way, they can know about their app development progress and pay for the respective parts.

Do I need to test my app fully?

We have an in-house testing team that tests every module before submitting it to the client. But we always recommend our clients to test the app modules from their side. Because when the application gets live, they would at least have some clue about what is happening.

Would you help us with the server set up?

Yes definitely, we will set up the central server as well as deploy files on your server to make your system live.

Would you handle the submission of application on the app store or I have to take care of it?

Yes, as mentioned in our contract we would handle the app submission part.

How would you handle the data security?

Any application gets hacked due to many loopholes present in it. In order to make our application more secure: • For a secure data transmission, we make use of authentication token system so that input/output won’t get hacked. • For secure data storage, we use encryption for the sensitive data.

How often would I get updates?

Before the development of any project starts, we provide our clients with a rough draft of the project including approximate delivery dates. We designate a project leader who will coordinate with the client throughout the project as well as share respective updates every week.

Do I have to discuss my app with the entire team during the project development stage?

We allocate a project leader for every respective project we work on, and he will talk to you on behalf of the whole team and share all the updates and handle the project till its deployment.

Would you handle my application after it gets live?

Yes, we do provide free support for a limited time frame so that the end-users won’t face any problems while using the application. After that, we provide paid support services at nominal rates.

Do I require a website with identical features same as my application?

No, it is not mandatory to have a website with identical features as your application. But if your app idea demands and users are demanding it then only you should go for a website.

Would my website work on all devices and desktop OS?

Yes, we develop responsive websites with the latest CSS3.

Do you make use of the AGILE methodology?

Yes, we do employ both the waterfall and AGILE methodologies based on the project type and size.

How do I track the progress of my project?

In order to track the project progress, we provide you the access to the project management tool along with the email and Skype communication.

Which aspects would fall under the free support period?

We would fix any bugs in the project as it is part of the project scope.

Would I get to review the code during the development process?

No, we don’t provide any access to the source code before the payment completion. But we can provide you a copy of one or two coding files to assure you that we are following the coding standards.

Who will own the source code?

Once all the payment process gets complete, the client becomes the owner of the source code.

Who will handle the third-party charges?

The client will be solely responsible for every third party charges.

Would you provide any kind of support to create developer account?

Yes, we guide our clients for filling the account details and payment-related terms to complete the developer account signup process.

What would be the charges for creating a developer account on Google and Apple?

For an Android developer account, you will have to pay $25/Year For an Apple developer account, you have to pay $99/Year

What would be my server requirement?

Well, that depends on the traffic expectations, Server Company and server parameters. It can range between $10- $100 per month.

Since how many years have you been working in this industry?

Vrinsoft was established in the year 2009 and have successfully completed 8 years in this industry.

On what technologies you people work on?

We work on all the cutting edge and trending technologies including both web and mobile app development. Web: WordPress/ Magento/ Joomla/ PHP/ Drupal/ Angular JS/ Node JS/ CakePHP/ Zend/ YII/ Laravel/ Codeignitor Mobile: Android native/ iPhone native/ IONIC/ Phonegap/ React Native

What is your total experience in terms of project completions?

We have successfully completed over 2100+ projects with more than 780+ clients across the world.

Do you deal with any limitations with different time zones of clients?

No, we have worked with global clients with different time zones and we efficiently complete our projects we undertake.

How many team members are currently working at your organization?

At present, we have 120+ experts working in different departments.

Do you have an in-house design team?

Yes, we do have a dedicated in-house design team at our firm.