Agile Development Methodology

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Fixed Cost

At Vrinsoft, we know that our clients value clarity and cost predictability when it comes to their projects. That’s why we offer a Fixed Cost engagement model that is perfect for projects with well-defined and unchanging requirements. We will work closely with you to define the project scope carefully, including all functionalities, features, and deliverables.

Once everything is crystal clear and documented, we will agree on a fixed price for the entire project. This means you will know exactly what you will be paying upfront, regardless of how much time our development team spends completing the project.

  • Suited for: Well-defined projects with clear and fixed requirements and limited risk tolerance for the client.
  • Size of Project: Small to medium complexity.
  • Requirement Type: Fixed and clearly defined.
  • Scalability: Limited scalability as changes typically requires renegotiating the fixed price.
  • Project Management: Requires strong upfront planning and detailed scope definition to avoid overruns.
  • Time Frame: Generally shorter and predictable.
  • Client Involvement: Low to moderate, primarily focused on approvals and milestone reviews.
  • Budget: Fixed and predictable.
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Dedicated Team

At Vrinsoft, we believe in creating strong connections with our clients and forming teams that work closely with you. Our Dedicated Team model offers both stability and flexibility. We carefully choose a group of skilled developers who are dedicated to your project.

This way, we can fully understand your requirements and provide personalized attention during development. Instead of paying by the hour, you will have a fixed monthly fee for the team’s services. This helps you plan your budget effectively and know the costs in advance. We focus on the project’s scope but recognize that your needs might change.

Our dedicated team allows for adjustments in the project scope, and we keep communication open with you throughout. This ensures that your project progresses smoothly and that we can adapt to your changing ideas.

  • Suited for: Long-term projects requiring ongoing development and close collaboration with the development team.
  • Size of Project: Medium to large projects.
  • Requirement Type: Can be evolving, but with a clear understanding of the overall project goals.
  • Scalability: Offers moderate scalability as team size can be adjusted but requires careful planning and communication.
  • Project Management: Allows a collaborative project management approach with shared ownership between the client and the development company.
  • Time Frame: Flexible and depends on the project scope and complexity.
  • Client Involvement: Moderate to high, depending on desired control and collaboration level.
  • Budget: Semi-predictable with fixed monthly fees and potential adjustments based on scope changes.
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Time and Material (T&M)

We prioritize adaptability and understand that project requirements can change over time. Our Time and Material (T&M) engagement model is designed for flexible and responsive projects. With T&M, you only pay for the actual time and materials utilized by our development team on your project.

This means we bill you hourly or daily, so you only pay for the resources and effort dedicated to your project’s success. This model offers significant flexibility, allowing you to adjust your project scope and requirements throughout development. Vrinsoft remains agile and responsive, adapting to your evolving needs while keeping you informed of the time and resources involved.

  • Suited for: Projects with uncertain or evolving requirements, where flexibility and adaptability are crucial.
  • Size of Project: This can be of any size, but it is often used for medium to large projects with ongoing needs.
  • Requirement Type: Dynamic and can evolve throughout the project.
  • Scalability: Highly scalable as resource allocation can be adjusted based on changing needs.
  • Project Management: Agile project management methodologies are often used to adapt to changing requirements.
  • Time Frame: Variable and depends on the actual work done.
  • Client Involvement: High, with close collaboration and constant communication required.
  • Budget: Variable and depends on the time and materials used.
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Time & Material with Cap Model

We understand that sometimes you need to know exactly how much a project will cost. That’s why we offer a Time and material with Cap engagement. This model gives you the same flexibility as our standard T&M model but with a capped budget for added peace of mind.

You only pay for the actual time and materials used by our development team. When we start working together, we will define a cost per hour for each resource required as per the business and technical requirements. This provides a clear budget limit and helps prevent unexpected cost overruns.

Our team at Vrinsoft will actively monitor progress and resource allocation. If we foresee any unexpected costs, we will let you know right away. Together, we can then discuss adjusting the project scope or budget as needed.

  • Suited for: Projects with uncertain or evolving requirements, where flexibility is crucial, but some cost control is also desired.
  • Size of Project: Similar to T&M, this can be of any size but is often used for medium to large projects with ongoing needs.
  • Requirement Type: Dynamic and can evolve throughout the project.
  • Scalability: Highly scalable, as resource distribution can be modified to meet shifting requirements.
  • Project Management: Agile project management approaches are commonly utilized to adapt to evolving needs.
  • Time Frame: Dynamic and based on actual work completed within the agreed-upon budget cap.
  • Client Involvement: High, as close collaboration and constant communication are required.
  • Budget: Capped at a pre-defined maximum cost.
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