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On-Demand Food Delivery App Development Company India (Zomato | Swiggy | Ubereats | Clone | Script)

Application with highly scalable development capabilities, successful deployment ratio and clean coding. We build secured, integrated, and highly interactive food ordering applications. Get this latest technology on-table solution delivered within 10days maximum. Our Dedicated full time developer experienced in specific niche only. Published more than 290+ Delivery apps in market. Fully Secured and Confidential Code Delivery with signed NDA.


of People order food online each day


of CAGR is generated by Good Delivery Apps


of Grocery and Food Market is online available


of user penetration rate is by food delivery application


Build A Food Delivery App Like Zomato, UberEats & GrubHub in India

We built the app with specialised features to make it more enhanced and valuable in the customer’s eyes. There are integrations like live location tracking, nearby cafe, restaurants, and grocery store location, different categories of food, etc. We build the clone script on an essential platform to make sure that the company has easy data management and access for the clients.

Benefits of Having A Food Delivery Application

Our team provides all the integrations which clients wish for in the project. Our team makes an innovative, attractive application with an easy payment gateway in it for the complete process of enjoying good food. We also give feedback sections for the rating, reviews, and improvements to make in the application.


On-Demand Delivery Application for Food with Features


Nearby Location Search

Ordering Features

Payment Gateway

Discounts and Codes

Tracking Live Location

Orders History

Ratings and Reviews


Order and Transactions data management

Search Filters

Geo Locations feature

Managing Order

Integrate Payment System

Response from other service providers

Reviews and analysis

Addons & Technology Stack

Tools & Technology Used in Food Ordering App Script


Android Studio

Apple Xcode



Android SDK






Programming Language

Objective C




Unique Features

Distinctive & Innovative Features For Food Delivery App

GPS Tracking

We give the option to search the nearby restaurants for the fastest delivery possible and also the order tracking system.

Different Modes of Payment

Our team gives you options for different modes of payments which will give you good monetary value and revenue for the company.

Easy Booking

There are always issues with the online and offline booking at the restaurant, our developed application will simplify this process by giving the desired place to eat.

Push Notifications

From ordering food to delivering food and also getting updates on discounts, new offers, and dishes we give all kinds of notifications to the customers.

Planning To Launch Your Own App for Delivering Food?

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How much does the food delivery app cost?

Calculator for Finding Food Delivery App Development Cost

There are many key components required in the delivery app which predict its development timeline and cost. The range of app development ranges from $70,000 to $150,000 which can exceed in some special cases of integrations features and specifications.

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Why Choose Vrinsoft For Robust Food Ordering App as Technology Partner?

The Vrinsoft developers have years of experience in building different kinds of applications to meet the business requirements of clients. For the food delivery app, we will look into all the key features and integrations to make it effortlessly performing and trusted among the customers.

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We work with different programming languages for particular platforms, for Android we work with Java and Kotlin. And for IOS we work with Swift and objective C.

Yes, we have a professional team for both ios and Android platforms, and our team builds perfectly performing and productive applications for both platforms.

We will integrate all the payment options as per clients' requirements like UPI, PayPal, Debit card, Credit Card, etc.

Once we get all the requirements list from the client we will do the background layout of the development and according to that our team will provide you with the timeline for the development. And Vrinsoft is known for delivering the project on time.

As we are aware that there is no size fits all in the IT sector, so the development depends on various factors of tools, technologies, and more.

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