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The client has an advanced online platform that empowers patients and families throughout their hospital journey. Hospital stays can be stressful and confusing, especially for children. The client recognized this challenge and approached us with a request to develop a cross-platform app from scratch that offers a comfortable experience for children and their families. This case study will provide a detailed analysis of how we helped our client meet their unique requirements and achieve their objectives.

Project Highlights

  • The client has requested the development of a mobile application that will provide patients with a visual guide during their hospital stay, reducing anxiety & confusion.
  • Creating a cross-platform app for both Android and iOS platforms, allowing users to log in and register easily.
  • Provide interactive maps and ward-specific guide helping families navigate throughout the hospital easily.
  • Offer clear information about what to expect in each ward, healthcare professionals, and daily routines.
  • Foster educational videos, photos, and illustrations, ensuring everyone understands the information presented.
  • Offers contact details and useful links for a smooth and efficient communication experience.


  • Develop and launch an easy-to-use platform for patients and families.
  • Offer clear information about what to expect during a hospital stay.
  • Reduce the number of inquiries directed at staff.
  • Providing readily accessible information within the app.


  • Create a user-friendly mobile app that is visually appealing and simple to use for families and patients.
  • Design an intuitive and user-friendly interface for easy navigation and information gathering.
  • Create ward-specific guides with detailed information on room layouts, staff roles, routines, and amenities.
  • Include comprehensive hospital information like maps, resources, attractions, activities, and contact details.
  • Integrate community information regarding transportation, shopping, and nearby services.


  • Increase in the number of downloads on both the platforms.
  • Improved patient and family satisfaction
  • Reduced staff workload
  • Increased hospital efficiency

Our Client

The client has a user-centric mobile application for patients and families at The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH). They wanted to create a unique platform that serves as an indispensable companion, offering comprehensive guidance and support throughout the hospital journey. To achieve this, the client wanted to develop a mobile app that would serve as a dynamic hub for patients and families. The app has intuitive features to ensure a personalized and reliable family experience.

Client Requirement

  • The client requested to develop an interactive mobile app for patients and families of The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH).
  • They wanted to create a user-friendly interface to provide detailed ward-specific guides, room features, healthcare professional information, and daily schedules.
  • They informed us to incorporate multimedia elements such as photos and educational videos to improve user engagement.
  • They urged to include comprehensive hospital information, resources, amenities, and contact details for easy access and reference.
  • They requested to integrate community information such as transportation, shopping, and banking facilities to help users move around the premises.

Proposed Solution

We proposed a solution to develop a mobile app with user-friendly navigation. To ensure seamless functionality on both iOS and Android devices, we used cross-platform technologies like Ionic. Our goal was to provide users with a clear understanding of their hospital experience, providing them with valuable information. We developed the iOS version with Xcode and the Android version with Visual Studio.

Why We Choose This Solution?

After carefully considering our client’s unique requirements, we have selected this solution that contains all the necessary features and capabilities: –

  • We opted for the Ionic framework to ensure that the app could be deployed on both iOS and Android platforms, reaching wider patients and families.
  • Our developers used Xcode for iOS and Visual Studio for Android to create native-like experiences, optimizing performance and user satisfaction.
  • We integrated interactive features such as maps and educational videos, which enhanced user engagement and experience.
  • Our team optimized information within the app, simplifying the navigation process for users.

Benefits of this Solution

The mobile app has emerged as the top platform in Australia facilitating patients and their families in navigating their hospital journey effortlessly. The app helps to reduce pre-visit anxiety by providing clear ward visuals and relevant information. Families can confidently move around the hospital using interactive maps and access details about the staff and routines. As a constantly updated resource, the app eliminates the need for printed materials and its mobile format ensures that the information is available anytime, anywhere.

Key Features

Ward-Specific Guides

Helping patients and families with detailed information about each ward’s layout, room features, and daily routines.

Expert Healthcare Team

The app provides detailed introductions and explanations of the various healthcare professionals to patients.

Visual Learning

Utilizing photos, illustrations, and educational videos to improve understanding and reduce anxiety.

Interactive Wayfinding

Offering clear maps and directions to help you move around the hospital easily.

Essential Resources

Compiling valuable information on mealtimes, visiting hours, and activities for patients.

Hospital Logistics

Guiding users with details on car parking, laundry services, Wi-Fi access, and more.

Activities and Entertainment

Suggesting activities and entertainment options for patients during their stay.

Community Connection

Providing maps and information on nearby public transport, shops, banks, and other points of interest.

The Result

Our client was happy with the solution we provided. The user centric platform has allowed patients and families to experience improved navigation and accessibility within The Royal Children’s Hospital.


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