Legal backbone of our agreement

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We always do our best to make the client satisfied. But we also expect that our clients should also be an accountable person into the internet community. As no one can own the internet, we are also one of the reseller of the internet services, hence not responsible for any downtime, complication or error faced by the client’s website. Any violence of the below mentioned matters can lead to legal compliance-

  • Company is not responsible for the problem in server network in the USA like spamming, hacking or server and hardware failure.

  • Client should understand that web hosting also suffers from its own risks and company is obviously not responsible for the same.

  • Clients must have to use the third party payment mode like demand draft or cheque.

  • We cannot certify or validate the digital software’s installed by the web host or client on his/her site so we are not responsible for any issues regarding it.

  • We don’t have any command on the issues or problems of domain registration / domain transfer / domain renewal / loss of the domain name. Thus, it’s a client’s responsibility to manage the entries.

  • It is the client’s full liability to keep their FTP, database, email Ids, domain name and username/password secure with them.

  • We are authorized to terminate your service any time if you are using any commercially available software or media for download on your site.