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Have Comforting Communication With Your Favorite People By Custom Voice/Chat Application Development

There is no bigger joy than having good communication with your people, and with updating modes of communication, we give amazing Voice/ Chat application development to make the talk interesting.


of people prefer voice communication


of people try every new chat apps


of people talk on Voice/Chat apps on a daily basis


of people prefer additional features in the app


Give A Platform To People To Express Their Views By Voice/Chat Application

Online Platforms are a highly profitable market for the firm, and there are several apps that are appreciated by the audience for voice chat. We build performing, enhanced applications with complete data privacy, security, and advanced features to make it more interesting for the audience to use every single day.

Perks of Having a Voice/ Chat Application

The Chat application, which has some specialized and creative integrations, is always welcomed by the audience and used on a daily basis. We develop customized Chat applications to give the new exposure to this field with your listings of development and present it to the world.

Basic Features

Same Communication Features For Each Application

Registration and Login

Chat Option

Voice Call

Voice Notes

Customized Stickers and Emojis

Sharing File ( Audio, Video, Doc, ETC)

Push Notifications

Custom Settings

Data Privacy

Report And Block


Chat Feature

Voice Call Plugin

Voice Note Feature

Advance Customized Integration

Sharing Plugin for Various files

Real-Time Updates

Personalized Dashboard Management

Security Features

Safety Integrations And Access

Technology Stack

Tools To Keep Conversations Engaging

Programming Language

Objective C





Android Studio

Apple Xcode



Android SDK

Unique Features

Innovative Ways To Express Your Thoughts

Customizable Notification

We give the option to customize your notification with advanced features like customized people notification, its view, color, light, and more.

File Sharing

There is an option of sharing all the different kinds of files with the same precision to keep the effective and advanced look of the file.

Social Media Integrations

It is good to have integration with social media accounts for the better and easy management of profiles.

Servers And Channels

We give the option to create custom channels and add or remove people from the server as per their wishes.

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Development Cost

There Is Always A Price To Talk

The cost of Voice/Chat development is based on many factors like integrations, features, functions, and more things put into an account for the project. The average cost varies from $80,000 to $120000. Also, it can change depending on the resources and time invested in the project.

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Why Vrinsoft Is your Chatting Partner

The customized application is like a voice/chat app that needs various functions and features to make the performance seamless and effective. We build the new age app with new enhanced features which give joy and security to talking.

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Popular Voice/ Chat App Development FAQ

We will follow the traditional development process from brainstorming, designs, development, integrations, testing, and maintenance of the project.

We will provide you with all the necessary security for data privacy, block, and report option to avoid the unwanted users and channels on your server.

Yes, we give the option to make the customized servers by selecting the people you want in the channel, with all the security and access as per your wish.

We ask for all types of permission from the user, like general permission for texting, voice chatting, calling, and more, to maintain their security and privacy.

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