Employee Centric Mobile Application

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  • Kotlin
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Android
  • iOS


In today’s mobile-centric world, employees expect to have access to HR services anytime, anywhere. The client is the founder of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), which is a multinational conglomerate. They approached us with a requirement to develop a user-friendly mobile platform that centralizes critical HR functions and empowers RIL’s workforce. This case study will provide an in-depth analysis of how we assisted our client in meeting their requirements and accomplishing their goals.

Project Highlights

  • The client had a requirement to develop a mobile app for employees to manage all HR needs on their smart devices, anytime, anywhere.
  • Build a mobile app for the Android and iOS platforms that allows users to log in and register with convenience.
  • Simplify access to employee data like leave & attendance tracking, payroll, reimbursements, and job referrals.
  • Provide employees with real-time information on compensation, pay slips, tax summaries, and benefits.
  • Replace paper-based forms with digital alternatives for efficient data collection and management.


  • Develop and launch a user centric platform for employees.
  • Providing a single point of access for HR services on smart devices.
  • To eliminate the need for paper-based workflows and manual inquiries
  • To foster a more engaged workforce through internal job postings and referral programs.


  • Build a fully functioning and user-friendly mobile app that is visually attractive and simple for all employees.
  • Provide a single point-of-access strategy by consolidating all HR-related features into a user-centric mobile app.
  • Develop a strategy for secure login credentials with domain names and passwords, ensuring a safe environment for employees.
  • Promote employee health and well-being by using tools like symptom checker
  • Encourage internal job applications and referrals, fostering growth opportunities within the organization.


  • Increase in the number of app downloads on both platforms (Android &iOS)
  • Improvement in employee satisfaction levels
  • Better collaboration between employees and HR representatives
  • Quicker resolution of queries and issues.

Our Client

Our client is a leader in innovation, with a diverse portfolio in sectors such as petrochemicals, retail, and telecom. They aim to create an innovative platform exclusively for their employees, which will serve as a comprehensive HR solution. To achieve this, the client wishes to develop a one-stop mobile app that their employees can use to manage various HR functions. The app is designed to provide staff with easy and simple access to vital resources and services, 24/7, from anywhere.

Client Requirements

  • The client requested us to build a user-centric platform providing employees 24/7 access to HR functions and data.
  • They communicated with us to integrate self-service options for tasks like leave requests, claim submissions, and document uploads.
  • They requested to enable a direct communication channel between employees and HR for quick query resolution.
  • They wanted to build a platform that would give employees real-time access to pay slips, tax summaries, and other information.

Proposed Solution

We have created a mobile application that is user-friendly, engaging, and works effortlessly across multiple platforms to cater to our client’s requirements. The app was developed using Swift and Kotlin for native mobile development and PHP and MySQL for robust backend functionality. With this app, employees can easily track their leave and attendance, access payslips and tax summaries, and explore internal job opportunities all at their fingertips. Our goal was to provide a simplified experience for employees, and we have achieved that with this application.

Why We Choose This Solution?

After examining the unique needs of our client, we select a solution that has all of the required features and capabilities. Here’s why we made this decision: –

  • We opted for native development using Swift and Kotlin to create a smooth, user-friendly experience optimized for iOS and Android devices.
  • We used PHP and MySQL on the backend to ensure secure data storage and easy integration with existing RIL HR systems.
  • We designed an app that offers staff self-service tools and eliminates the need for physical paperwork.
  • Our developers improved efficiency by incorporating features like leave tracking, claim reimbursements, and document submission.
  • We incorporated additional features like customizable attendance tracking that cater to the growing trend of remote work arrangements.

Benefits of this Solution

The mobile app we developed offers many benefits for the client and its employees. RIL benefits from increased efficiency through simplified HR processes and reduced administrative burdens. Employees experience greater convenience with self-service access to HR information and functions and improved communication and transparency regarding pay slips, benefits, and career opportunities. Overall, the application fosters a more empowered and engaged workforce.

Key Features

Centralized HR Access

Provides a single point of contact for employees to access all their HR information and services on the go.

Leave & Attendance Management

Enables employees to easily track leaves, clock in and out remotely, and customize attendance policies for flexible work arrangements.

Compensation Transparency

Offers employees transparency to look into their compensation details, fostering a sense of fairness and boosting morale.

Payroll Management

Provides employees with informative pay slips, tax summaries, and the ability to submit queries about salary deductions and tax planning.

Digital Forms

Eliminates paper-based processes by offering digital forms for data collection, improving efficiency and data accessibility.

Relationship Management

Provides clear visualization of reporting structures, colleagues, and HR contacts through photos and names displayed within the app.

Reimbursement Claims

Allows employees to submit claims for various medical expenses directly through the app, streamlining the reimbursement process.

Internal Job Posting & Referral Platform

Allows employees to discover internal job openings and easily refer friends for open positions, promoting career growth within the organization.

HR Query Assistance

Offers support to employees with tasks like filling out medical claim forms and updating beneficiary information.

The Result

The client was satisfied with the application we delivered. The user-centric platform has simplified HR processes, increased efficiency, improved communication, and provided a more transparent work experience for a satisfied and productive workforce.


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