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Finding a parking spot in bustling urban centers has become a common struggle for drivers in the UK. Our clients have taken on the challenge of transforming urban mobility and making parking easier for locals and guests. They reached out to us to develop mobile apps and websites to implement their ideas into reality. In this case study, we will examine the goal, approach, and resolution for the concept.

  • Kotlin
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Website

Notable Milestones


  • Build a platform to help drivers find curbside parking spaces nearby.
  • Provide detailed maps for free parking spaces in the area.
  • Offer a payment system for paid parking spaces.


  • Develop a mobile app for parking space location and navigation in the UK.
  • Integrate multiple payment systems to pay par parking space.
  • Connect to the database for accurate information on parking space availability.
  • Integrate sensors with the app to get notifications for parking space status.
  • Real-time notification of parking duration to avoid parking penalties.


  • Mobile apps for both Android and iOS
  • Integrated more than 450+ towns and cities in the UK
  • Helped thousands of users avoid unnecessary parking penalty

Project Highlights

  • Our team designed and developed mobile apps for both Android and iOS.
  • We collaborated with the client to obtain a relevant database for parking maps.
  • Added zones and bays in the map to help users narrow their search field.
  • Integrated payment structure to directly pay for parking space.

Our Client

The clients were in search of a parking spot and came up with an idea. They needed help with building mobile apps and websites to create a comprehensive digitized parking space solution for the UK. They had the necessary ideas and data but required the assistance of a dependable development partner who could successfully undertake the task of building this solution.

Client Requirement

  • Build a website and mobile app to facilitate parking platforms.   
  • Utilize digitized maps and databases to offer real-time information.
  • Offer notifications and alert to find free parking space or to avoid penalty.
  • Enable users to make direct payments through the app by integrating payment functionality.

Proposed Solution to fix operational process

The client wanted an all-inclusive solution for a parking map platform to offer real-time information to the user. We developed mobile applications for both Android and iOS for a wider reach in the UK. For marketing and information, we developed a website to educate users about the features and functionalities of the app.

Why we chose this solution: Our developers consult with the clients and assess their requirements for parking space platforms. Based on this assessment, they came up with a solution that helps users with maximum features and ease.


We chose Koltin to develop both Android and iOS apps as it offers cross-platform development and integrates maps and navigation.


For website development, we utilize ASP.NET as it has a robust framework, cross-platform capabilities, and offers scalability.


We integrated various payment gateways so that users can easily pay for parking spaces.


We implemented sensor detections and notification features in the app to provide real-time data on parking space availability. 

Key Features


  • 01. Zone View

    With this feature, users can find parking information like free and paid parking hours, operating hours, and more.

  • 02. Bay View

    Users can find the parking spot with this feature. They can see the real-time map, free parking, no parking zones, paid parking space with the amount, and more.

  • 03. List View

    Based on the location, users can get a list of parking spaces, the amount paid for duration, time and duration of free parking time, and a detailed address.

  • 04. Navigation

    When users choose a parking location, it provides a turn-by-turn navigation and street view map.

  • 05. Walking Time

    Once you choose the parking spot and destination, it will provide walking distance to the location.

  • 06. Parking Duration Alert

    When using paid parking, the app will notify the user when the time limit is approaching its end. This allows the user to pay for more time or relocate their vehicle to prevent penalties.

  • 07. Payment

    The app offers users all the necessary details about tariffs, operating hours, and payment methods, eliminating the need to search for signs and recall location codes.


Benefits of the solution

By opting for Koltin’s cross-platform development capability, we were able to deliver both Android and iOS apps. It allowed clients to expand their reach without paying extra for native apps. Apart from that, we use the interoperability of Kotlin to successfully integrate the database and payment options.

The Result

The client was happy with the deliverables. Once the application was launched, it received great reviews on both the app store and play store. The app gained widespread popularity, leading to features in numerous news outlets and magazines and the reception of various awards.


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