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  • Swift
  • PHP Laravel


  • Website
  • Android
  • iOS


The rise of on-demand applications helps customers and businesses offer their services to a wide range of demographics. Our client wanted to build a service-based on-demand app that connects customers who need help with various projects or tasks to professionals. They connected with Vrinsoft to help them build native mobile applications for both Android and iOS. This case study will explain how we build a comprehensive platform for our clients that helps customers with various tasks with local service providers.

Project Highlights

  • Developed a user-friendly mobile app with easy navigation and search features, increasing user engagement and fulfillment through seamless discovery.
  • Create a responsive website that works on a variety of devices and screen sizes, enabling smooth access and an excellent user experience for all visitors.
  • Develop native mobile apps for both the Android and iOS platforms, expanding the reach and accessibility of services to a broader range of people.
  • The platform is now offering real-time chat and notification features, allowing for quick communication and timely updates, resulting in improved cooperation and efficiency.
  • Implemented secure payment gateways to ensure users' safety and ease of financial transactions, promoting trust and confidence in the platform.
  • Designed a scalable architecture that allows for future expansion and service diversification while being flexible and adaptable to changing needs and expectations.
  • Utilized data-driven matchmaking algorithms to allow efficient service provider-client linkages, maximizing user happiness and project outcomes through personalized matches.
  • Provided continuing support and maintenance services to ensure the platform's continued improvement and optimal performance, boosting user experience and satisfaction.


  • Create a user-friendly mobile app to connect the service provider and Client.
  • Implement real-time communication features to facilitate project discussions.
  • Develop a robust order management system for efficient project tracking.
  • Make sure to add secure payment options for financial transactions.
  • Enhance trust and transparency through review and rating systems.


  • Develop applications that are easy to use and navigate for Clients and service providers.
  • Allow service providers to showcase their skills and expertise with bidding to enhance opportunities for collaboration.
  • Conduct thorough testing to ensure app reliability and performance.
  • Collaborate closely with stakeholders for feedback and adjustments.
  • Focus on data-driven decision-making to optimize user engagement.


  • Successful development and launch of iOS and Android apps.
  • Positive user feedback on app usability and features.
  • Increased engagement and retention rates among users.

Our Client

The Client is a leading provider of on-demand services, connecting customers with skilled professionals across various industries. They wanted to create a platform where people can easily find service providers from nearby and, at the same time, professionals can get work opportunities. They needed a reliable development partner to create a user-friendly and scalable platform to streamline their service offerings and enhance user experience.

Client Requirements

  • Build a website and Native mobile apps for Android and iOS for their on-demand services.
  • Integrate features for browsing service listings, posting project requests, and managing communication.
  • Connect Client and service provider based on location and service needed.
  • Create a bidding model for service providers and for customers to choose the best offers.
  • Allow in-app chat between client and service provider for transparency of services.
  • Provide a secure payment gateway for easy transactions.

Proposed Solution

We utilize native app development to create mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms. Using Swift and Kotlin ensures higher performance and a better user interface. It also allows us to create apps where Client can easily scale their services to more than one location and more services. Our developers used PHP Laravel to build a secure website, allowing customers to learn about the services easily. This approach ensured a seamless user experience across platforms while meeting all the Client’s functional requirements.

Why we chose this solution?

Based on the Client’s requirements, we choose a solution that accommodates every feature and functionality. Here are the reasons why we chose this solution,

  • Ensures optimal performance and user experience on iOS and Android platforms.
  • Leverages platform-specific capabilities for seamless integration and performance optimization.
  • Offers flexibility and customization options to meet specific project requirements.
  • Allows service providers to bid on projects, promoting competition and enabling clients to choose the best-suited professional.

Benefits of the solution

All these features come together to create an enhanced user experience that contributes to the growth and success of the platform. Clients can quickly find trustworthy service providers to meet their needs, while providers can connect with clients who are looking for their specific skills. The streamlined communication and secure transactions make the entire process seamless and stress-free for both parties, helping to build trust and loyalty among the user base.

Key Features

Bidding Option for Service Providers

It will help service providers bid on projects, fostering competition and choice for clients.

Real-Time Chat Functionality

This will allow for instant messaging between the Client and the service provider. It will help them clarify project details and negotiate terms.

Secure Payment Gateways

The platform utilizes a secure payment gateway. It will prioritize user financial security, ensuring safe and protected transactions.

Order Management System

This feature enables clients to set milestones, track deadlines, and manage tasks within the app.

Review and Rating System

Provides insights into service provider credibility and performance. This helps customers learn more about the service provider and aids in making informed decisions.

Matchmaking Algorithm

This data-driven platform helps customers find the best fit for their projects or services quickly and effectively.

Browse Portfolios

Allows clients to browse through service provider portfolios and previous work.

User-Friendly Mobile App

Offers an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface for a seamless user experience.

The Result

The on-demand service platform has experienced significant growth in user engagement, improved service discovery, and streamlined communication. The secure and scalable solution empowers it to effectively manage its operations and cater to a growing user base.


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