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Customers are always looking for an easier way to solve a problem. Our client, Kuwait Airways, understands this challenge faced by their customer and decided to upgrade their existing booking system. To convert this challenge into an opportunity, they approached us to lead the development process for their solution. We developed and integrated the round trip and one-way feature into their website and mobile app booking system.

  • Android (Tools: Eclipse)
  • iOS platform (Tools: Xcode)
  • IOS
  • Android
  • Website

Notable Milestones


  • Implement one way and round way trip option in the mobile app 
  • Provide a seamless booking experience for customers 
  • Successful feature integration of round trip and one way into their existing booking system


  • Plan a user-centric design for a seamless booking experience 
  • Create wireframes and mockups to visualize the user journey  
  • Incorporate the one way and round way trip option 
  • Successfully integrated the client’s API with the booking feature that we developed
  • Rigorous testing for website and mobile app 
  • Measured & accessed booking rates, customer satisfaction, and overall engagement 


  • 30% increase in bookings  
  • Improved customer experience  
  • Positive feedback 
  • Growth of digital presence  
  • Improved brand image  

Project Highlights

  • Implementation of the One way & Round way trip options to provide a seamless booking experience for Kuwait Airways customers. 
  • Our team worked closely with the client to understand their requirements and challenges. 
  • We communicated with the client’s tech department to solve API requests and data retrieval issues. 
  • We developed the feature for the website and built the mobile app from scratch to include the feature   

Our Client

Our client is Kuwait Airways, an international airline connecting passengers to numerous destinations across continents. They wanted to upgrade their website with advanced booking features for travelers. To simplify the booking process and customers’ convenience, they wanted to add a round trip and one-way feature to their portal. They also required a mobile app with upgraded booking features. 

Client Requirement

  • Feature integration to the website and mobile app  
  • Offer seamless booking experience to the customers 
  • Improve customer engagement and increase revenue generation  

Proposed Solution to fix operational process

Our client wanted to upgrade their website and develop a mobile app (for iOS and Android) to allow users to book their flights without any hassles. They were looking for a solution for customers to easily book one-way and round trips from the website and mobile apps. We integrated the client’s existing API from the web booking portal and developed the features for the website and mobile app. Our team communicated constantly with the client’s team to ensure that API requests and data retrieval were synchronized.

Why we chose this solution: We chose this solution because client was looking for improved customer experience and revenue generation.


By incorporating the One way & Round way trip option, customers were provided with greater flexibility and convenience when booking flights through the mobile app.


The way & Round way trip option is a commonly used feature in most airline booking systems. Therefore, incorporating it into the mobile app aligns with the customer’s expectations and needs.


Providing a seamless booking experience through the mobile app gives the company a competitive advantage over other airlines that may not offer this feature in their mobile app.


By providing customers with a mobile app that has enhanced features, the client can improve customer engagement and promote loyalty towards their brand.

Key Features


  • 01. One way & Round way trip option

    The project's main feature was implementing the One way & Round way trip options in Airways' mobile app, providing customers with greater flexibility and convenience when booking flights

  • 02. Integration with Airways' systems 

    The mobile app was integrated with Airways' existing systems to ensure a seamless and secure booking process.

  • 03. Multi-platform support 

    The mobile app was designed to support multiple platforms, including iOS and Android, providing customers with a consistent booking experience across devices.

  • 04. Improved brand image 

    The successful implementation of the booking feature contributed to the growth of Airways' digital presence and improved its brand image, positioning them as a modern and customer-centric airline.


Benefits of Solutions

Having a website and mobile app is crucial for airlines in today’s digital age, as they provide a range of benefits for both the airline and its customers. One of the primary benefits is the improved customer experience. Customers can easily book their flights online, saving time and effort. The mobile app provides added convenience, allowing customers to book and manage their flights on the go. Additionally, the website and mobile app can provide customers with access to important information, such as flight schedules, gate changes, and delays, in real time.

The Result

The client was very happy and satisfied with the deliverables. We monitor the performance and offer ongoing support and maintenance to the client.


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