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 E-commerce Development

E-commerce Development
E-commerce Development

A business that has an online presence will be able to adapt to any competitive stance of their competitors. The online platform developed by our developers are known to have a positive effect on the business of the clients. We make the best of the tools which we use and provide the best solution for the issues that they face during sales. Our solutions allow our clients to enhance their sales and set their business with an online platform.

Our developers also make sure that the design of the platform defines the business and products that the client is selling. The website or the application which represents your business is made color rich and are equipped with worthy features which can give the user the best experience with the platform.

Custom E-commerce
Custom E-commerce Main

01 - Custom E-commerce
Custom E-commerce

There are many businesses that use online platforms to conduct their business and these businesses may need something extra than other traditional e-commerce websites. These websites need different features and functionalities that must suit the products that the client is selling. Vrinsoft provides that extra features to help the clients engage their users effectively.

We deliver custom e-commerce solutions to clients using the best tools in the industry such as Magento, Wordpress, Joomla, etc. Such tools are known to provide the developers to design the website according to the requirements of the client.

  • Custom Joomla development
  • Custom Wordpress development
  • Custom Magento development
  • Custom ZEN CART development
Payment Gateway

02 - Payment Gateway
Payment Gateway

A strong payment system is a necessary requirement which needs to be strong and functional so that the payment funds don’t get lost in the traffic. There are also many threats that the transaction faces which needs to be protected with the help of the payment gateway. There are many security add-ons which are integrated into the platform by our developers which will ensure a secure payment gateway module.

The robust payment gateway integrated into your application by our developers will help you establish a trusting relationship with your users. The payment gateway methods will ensure a secure payment method across different service providers.

  • Faster payment transaction
  • 100 % secure transaction
  • Return policy supported
  • Complete user data security
Module Customization

03 - Module Customization
Module Customization

The modules available on online platforms have a predefined set of designs and functionalities. These modules help the developers to manage the content in the most attractive way. These modules have a fixed pattern which can be customized by our developers which can be arranged according to your needs. The proficient developers make changes in the basic layouts of the modules and prepare the platform according to the needs of the clients.

  • Responsive themes
  • Search-engine friendly
  • Guaranteed performance
  • Custom plug-in development

Our e-commerce development platforms
Our e-commerce

The platform that we develop for our clients is made sure are developed using the best platform and tools. The developers understand the tools which can help them integrate the client’s demands in the platform. We use an array of latest platforms for development and design of the online platform which can assure a smooth running and feature-rich website or application.

Hire E-commerce Developers

For any retailer/wholesaler, making an ecommerce website is not optional, is now obligatory. For making an Ecommerce website, we at Vrinsoft have the experience and know how to make any website depending on your needs. We use shopping cart software like Magento, X-cart, CS cart and others to give you a truly professional website that can get you conversions from the day it goes live. You can hire ecommerce developers from us on a project or monthly basis.

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Some from our Case Studies

Alima Pure

The Alima pure is a website that showcases cosmetic items that are specifically crafted from natural mineral for efficient impact. The products are custom designed for the women who look for natural and bold look. The website allows the user to select the color based on their preference.

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Bottle Cutting

Bottle cutting is a website that exclusively sells bottle cutting accessories and Bundles. The website also features a project page where they sell candle making kit, stencil and paint kit, etc.

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Stage Boutique

Stage Boutique is an e-commerce web portal that envisions affordable dance costumes for all the blithe dancers (users) who favour to shop flexible attire online that not only offers supreme fabric quality but also is also inclusive enough to suit the dancer’s performance style. The users can access versatile e-commerce solutions that deliver flexible buying features for costume shopping on the go.

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Fiercely Curious

Fiercely Curious is an online website that portrays art & design collective based in Brooklyn. The website allows the designers and artists to connect directly with the buyer and contact if required.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Know more about our processes and how we work, with the help of the following FAQs.

How much time does it takes to create an eCommerce site?

It takes a maximum of 2 days to generate customer eCommerce design for approval. Once done it takes around 1 to 4 weeks to convert the design to fully functional eCommerce site, it varies when any extra API integration, features needed to be based on client demand. Following scrum models makes milestone each to digest with each module timeframe with testing makes each client to test whenever he got time. Due to well manner approval of each stage our timeline is minimum than other companies.

Dedicated resource or fixed time/price: Which price model you follow?

Dedicated resource and fixed time/price, we offer both the options to our customers. If you don't want to hire employees but wish to take control of development then go for the dedicated resource model. If project period of time can be determined and your requirements are not going to modify then choose fixed time/price model.

Will eCommerce sites be mobile-friendly?

Since our beginning, the sites that we've created has been mobile-friendly. As we thrive to give the best mobile experience because we know that most of the traffic comes from smartphones nowadays. We create websites that work well on various kinds of screen sizes with the proper response time. Websites designed by us works well with all the smart devices from tablets, smartphones to small, big desktop monitors.

Will you provide a full time dedicated project manager?

Yes, we do provide a full time dedicated project manager that will work for you. The project manager will continuously be going to update you about the projects regularly. He will take your feedback and will design the site accordingly and by keeping customer needs in mind.

Will eCommerce developer be allotted to us by our choice?

We will provide eCommerce developer as per your requirements that will be available for your project. To select the developer you can have a look at their resume and can have an idea of which developer will best suit your project.

Can we have a look at our eCommerce website while it's in development progress?

Of course, you can! we would love it as we do encourage that because that way you can provide us your valuable feedback. We will be building your web app on development server then we will provide you with username and password so that way you will be able to log in and can watch the progress of your website.

Before the project start do we need to have a one-on-one meeting?

Most of the time one-on-one meeting is not that needed because most of our communication is done via telephone, skype, and email. On our secure server, we put our recommended designs online so that you can view the work in progress.

Is our website going to be search engine friendly?

We build all the websites keeping search engine guidelines in mind; the design & development all will be search engine friendly.

Will there going to be any extra cost?

No, once we've discussed with you about your website requirement then the price will be set accordingly and when you’ve placed for your order of the website. Then we will summarize the price quote to you.

Will you provide after-sales service, once my eCommerce website is completed?

We are always available for the support for any of the website we design. So, if you run into any problem or require any new change in your web application. We provide you with complete maintenance & support.