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Dropshipping has emerged as a lucrative business model for many entrepreneurs. However, in order to succeed in this industry, it is crucial to have a trusted and dependable vendor. Our client was keen on setting up an e-commerce store that focused on custom-printed products and dropshipping. In this case study, we will delve deeper into the strategies we employed to establish one of the most expansive dropshipping platforms in the Middle East.

Project Highlights

  • The wallet system simplifies transactions and offers merchants a convenient way to manage their finances on the platform.
  • The platform's extensive product and order management tools empower merchants with granular control over their business operations.
  • Its responsive customer support channels, including email and a toll-free number, ensure that merchant inquiries and concerns are addressed promptly.
  • Transparent billing practices and detailed reporting provide merchants with insights into their financial transactions and overall performance.
  • The dedicated web panel is designed to meet merchants' needs, offering an intuitive interface for managing products and orders.
  • Merchants can customize product options, including designs and pricing, to meet their specific business requirements.


  • Our primary goal was to design a user-centric interface that simplifies the process of custom product sales.
  • Streamlining order processing and printing procedures was essential to reducing operational complexities.
  • A dedicated web panel for merchants ensures a tailored experience, improving their overall satisfaction.
  • Provide a wallet option and detailed reporting for merchants.
  • Robust customer support channels to address merchant queries promptly and effectively.


  • A well-structured single-page marketing website was designed to provide users with a quick overview of services and features.
  • The dedicated web panel is essential for the seamless management of products, orders, and transactions by merchants.
  • The wallet system simplifies payment processes and provides a convenient method for merchants to manage their funds.
  • We integrated extensive product and order management capabilities to enhance merchant control over their business operations.


  • The e-commerce store has significantly increased website traffic since launching its new website. In the first month after launch, website traffic increased by 50%.
  • After the initial launch, the conversion rate increased by 20%.
  • They have become one of the country's largest e-commerce dropshipping platforms.

Our Client

The client wanted to build a dynamic dropshipping and designing platform specifically for Kuwait. This platform would simplify and improve the experience of local merchants and e-commerce store owners. They aimed to create a smooth ecosystem for on-demand custom product sales, removing the difficulties associated with inventory management. By doing so, our client aimed to empower merchants to easily offer unique, custom-designed products to their customers, using the convenience of custom design printing and efficient dropshipping services, all within the Kuwaiti market.

Client Requirement

  • Create an on-demand print and dropshipping platform to meet the growing demand in Kuwait.
  • Enable custom product sales with ease and efficiency.
  • Streamline order management and facilitate secure payments.
  • Provide transparent billing and comprehensive reporting.
  • Establish responsive customer support channels to assist merchants effectively.

Proposed Solution

We have proposed a solution for the project that utilizes the reliable PHP language, specifically the CodeIgniter framework and the MYSQL database management system. By using PHP, which is known for its flexibility and library support, we can create a highly scalable and secure platform that offers a dynamic and customizable user experience. CodeIgniter’s MVC architecture also ensures code organization and maintainability during development. MYSQL’s reliability and speed in handling data also make product and order management seamless.

Why We Choose This Solution?

We utilize the leading industry standard tech stack for solutions to accommodate the client’s requirement to create an e-commerce store.

  • PHP offers a highly scalable and customizable development environment, especially when harnessed through the CodeIgniter framework.
  • PHP enables the creation of a responsive and user-friendly website, ensuring that both merchants and their customers can easily navigate and interact with the platform regardless of the device they are using.
  • MySQL was chosen as the database management system due to its well-established reputation for reliability, speed, and robust data handling capabilities.
  • The CodeIgniter framework offers built-in security practices to safeguard against common web vulnerabilities.

Benefit of This Solution

Our solution makes it easy for businesses in Kuwait to scale up their platform without any hassle. It also provides a secure and user-friendly experience. The PHP and MySQL communities offer consistent support and updates, ensuring the platform’s reliability. The MySQL database management capabilities enhance the platform’s performance, efficiently handling product catalogs, orders, and financial transactions while maintaining data integrity.

Key Feature

Merchant Web Panel

Merchants can access a dashboard with real-time insights to monitor sales, orders, and wallet balances.

Subscription Plans

This flexibility enables businesses to select the plan that aligns with their budget and growth strategy.

Wallet System

This secure and convenient payment method enhances financial control and streamlines transactions.

Product and Order Management Tools

They can customize product details, including category, pricing, and design options, ensuring a tailored product catalog.

Transparent Billing and Detailed Reporting

Detailed reporting provides insights into sales, orders, and financial transactions. Merchants can access historical data to make informed business decisions.

Customizable Product Options

Merchants can upload custom designs, adjust designs for printing, and set pricing based on their preferences.

User Profiles for Personalized Experiences

This feature ensures a tailored experience and simplifies account management.

Responsive Customer Support

Responsive support ensures that merchant inquiries and issues are addressed promptly.

Transparent Order Tracking

This feature enhances visibility and customer satisfaction by keeping all stakeholders informed.

The Result

The project was a success, and the client was pleased with the designs and features. It eventually became one of the most popular dropshipping platforms in Kuwait and the Middle East. Hundreds of people started their businesses with this platform, and it became the number one e-commerce platform.


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