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The client has the largest mentoring organization in California. They wanted to help students with mentoring opportunities by building a website and a mobile application. The client partnered with us to create a user-friendly website and mobile app to address the significant gap in graduation rates, and retention among students in community colleges with a focus on reducing high dropout rates. This case study will provide a comprehensive insight into how we supported our client in meeting their needs and achieving their objectives.

Project Highlights

  • The client wanted to develop a comprehensive platform for mentors and mentees to connect and collaborate.
  • Build a website and mobile apps for both Android and iOS which help students with mentoring facilities.
  • Reach a wider audience and provide consistent performance across all platforms.
  • Develop mentor program to match students with mentors who share their interests, career goals, and personal backgrounds.
  • Creating a mentorship strategy to improve student outcomes, increase graduation rates, and create a sense of belongingness on campus.


  • Build and launch a user centric mobile app and website.
  • Improve student success with access to skilled professionals for support and guidance.
  • Foster a meaningful connection between mentors and mentees.
  • Facilitate professional development of students through advice, and networking opportunities.


  • Develop a fully functional and user-friendly website and mobile app that is visually appealing and easy to navigate for students & mentors.
  • Create a sophisticated matching algorithm to pair mentors and mentees based on shared interests, goals, and compatibility.
  • Provide ongoing support and resources to both mentors & mentees throughout their mentorship journey.


  • Improved website traffic
  • Mentored over 100,000 students.
  • Increase in the number of app downloads.
  • Increased graduation rates.

Our client

The client is a well-known community college for professionals with a large user base. They are connected to various universities and institutes in California, and believe in providing opportunities for growth, learning, and success. To achieve this, the client wanted to launch a revolutionary platform that would connect mentors and mentees from all backgrounds to empower individuals to achieve their goals.

Client Requirements

  • The client needed an online website and mobile app that connects students at community colleges with experienced professionals.
  • They wanted to provide personalized support and guidance for students to foster personal and professional growth through mentorship.
  • The client requested to design a platform for mentors to share their knowledge and guidance among students for their career and personality development.
  • They wanted to implement robust measures to safeguard data and ensure a safe and respectful environment for all our users.

Proposed Solution

We presented a solution to the client that includes building a complete website and mobile app. The website will serve as a hassle-free and user-friendly online platform for mentors and students to connect with each other. We designed a unique app, which received positive feedback from both mentors and students. The application was developed using native technology, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Why we choose this solution?

Our clients have an extensive platform that was created by professionals from community colleges. They have a large user base connected with different universities, educational institutes, and students. Here’s why we chose this solution: –

  • We utilized Kotlin and Swift to build a mobile app as they offer a robust approach to safety and provide a better user interface.
  • We chose Python and MySQL for website development since Python is known for its simplicity and readability. Similarly, MySQL is renowned for its ease of use, with a simple SQL syntax for managing databases.
  • Our professional team created a virtual mentor networking platform connecting mentors and mentees from all walks of life and empowering individuals to maximize their potential.
  • The client requested a platform that helps in finding the right mentor or mentee for students. We bridged this gap and created a seamless platform that facilitates a transformative relationship between mentor and mentee through guidance, support, and expertise.

Benefits of the Solution

We helped our client become one of the best virtual mentor networking platforms in California. Students participating in Mentor & Match demonstrate improved academic performance. The program provides essential resources and support to students at community colleges, which has contributed to higher retention rates. Mentees have gained substantial benefits from accessing professional networks, enabling them to explore various career pathways effectively.

Key Features

User Centric Design

We created a user-friendly mobile app and website for mentors and mentees to connect and collaborate easily.

Innovative Matching Algorithm

The sophisticated matching algorithm recognizes shared interests, expertise, and compatibility to pair mentors and mentees effectively for improved productivity.

Support and Guidance

Personalized support and guidance to mentees by connecting them with professionals based on the mentees’ specific needs and goals.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Ongoing monitoring and evaluation of mentor-student relationships to track progress, identify areas for improvement.

Resources and Workshops

Mentees have access to a wide range of resources, including workshops, articles, and educational materials to support professional development.

Community Engagement

Fosters a sense of community among participants by facilitating networking events and group discussions.

Flexible Communication Channels

The platform offers various communication channels, including messaging, video conferencing, and in-person meetings, for effective collaboration regardless of location.

Long Term Relationship

Facilitates the importance of long-term relationship building, enabling participants to continue benefiting from each other’s support and guidance.

The Result

The client expressed great satisfaction with the solutions provided.


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