Interactive Gamified Educational Platform

Education institute always needs an innovative way to encourage students to learn. While traditional means of encouragement always focus on the study, we need to focus on the student. That’s where WonUp shines. It is an interactive automated application that uses gamification to reward students for their achievements. It also helps the administration streamline the work process by leveraging traditional and existing technology (SIS, CRM, LMS). This case study will explain the client’s requirements and the development process of the WonUp application. 

  • MySQL database
  • Google server (Google Meet)
  • Web & Mobile

Notable Milestones


  • Help students with learning and achieving a higher grade
  • Automated tests and KPIs
  • Task delivery and validation system
  • Real-time Insights
  • Streamline administrative workflows


  • Clearly define the scope of the project and the objectives to be achieved. Ensure that the client’s expectations are aligned with the project goals. 
  • Choose the right technology stack that aligns with the project goals and client’s requirements. Select tools and frameworks that are scalable, secure, and easy to maintain. 
  • Build a prototype or a minimum viable product (MVP) to test the feasibility of the project. Get feedback from the client and make necessary adjustments. 
  • Develop the online portal and rigorously test it to ensure that it meets the quality standards and requirements. Use automated testing tools to save time and resources. 
  • Launch the online portal and monitor its performance. Gather feedback from the client and end-users and make necessary improvements. 


  • Positive Feedback
  • Robust Educational System
  • Mobile Application with gamified test and task

Project Highlights

  • The application is designed for wide circulation; it means any school and educational capacity can utilize it.
  • The app provides comprehensive data analytics and reporting tools, enabling schools to track and analyse student engagement, performance, and progress. 
  • With a dedicated mobile application for students, the platform offers a user-friendly and accessible learning experience.  

Our Client

The client wanted a unique approach to building a student engagement and encouragement system. With a strong focus on education, they sought a technology partner to develop a cutting-edge platform to revolutionize their industry. They envision a SaS-based interactive gamification educational platform that will empower schools to enhance student participation and interaction. 

Client Requirement

  • Develop a SaaS-based interactive gamification educational platform for the school industry.
  • Provide a mobile application for students to register, log in, view a leaderboard, and participate in shoutouts to earn reward points.
  •  Create a web-based panel for school administrators and staff members to manage students and school activities.
  • Include a certification feature that can be issued upon completion of specific packages or activities.
  • Ensure scalability, security, performance, reliability, user-friendly design, customization options, and ongoing support and maintenance for the platform.

Proposed Solution to fix operational process

Our solution for the client’s requirements involves leveraging PHP Laravel for the web-based panel, React Native for the mobile application, and MySQL as the database technology. To ensure reliable video communication, we integrated Google Meet. This combination of technologies offers a robust and scalable platform for schools to enhance student engagement, manage activities, and facilitate seamless communication between staff, students, and administrators. 

Why we chose this solution: Based on the client’s requirement, we needed to build a user-friendly interface with robust performance. Our team chooses various tools and technology to help us build a suitable solution for the project.


We choose this solution because it offers smooth integration with various tools like SIS, CRM, and LMS.


We specifically choose this tech stack to offer a scalable solution that connects administrators and students through one system.


We choose google meet as they are a secure and reliable third-party option for video conference.


To accommodate a wide range of features in the mobile apps, we used React Native for smooth performance and functionalities.

Key Features


  • 01. Web Portal

    Web apps or web portals are designed for school administrators and students. Students need to sign up from the web portal to use the mobile app. Staff can check the student's progress through the web app.

  • 02. Mobile App

    The mobile app is specifically designed for the students. They can log in to the app and receive tasks, tests, rewards, and results of the test.

  • 03. Shoutout 

    It is a general or pin-protected test or quiz designed by the school for the students. Students receive notification of a shoutout, and they need to enter a pin provided by a staff member, or they can just answer the questions.

  • 04. Take Action

    Take actions will be the task assigned by the school/staff to the student where the student can access the task, complete it, and submit it to the school. Task submission will be an automated process where the students will go to school and scan the unique QR code and Non-QR Code to take action, and the Web will approve it automatically.

  • 05. Leaderboard 

    There are two types of leaderboards, for a specific task or for the entire program. It shows students with the highest scores.

  • 06. Reward/Certification

    After successful completion of a task or test, students receive rewards or certification from the school.

  • 07. Group Study/Meeting

    Students can join each other through a virtual meeting. We integrated google meet for any meeting.

  • 08. Administrative Dashboard

    Schools' administrators and staff can directly check analytics and other details from the dashboard. They can upload new tests or quizzes from the dashboard and track student progress.


Benefits of Solution

Our client envisions a flawless educational structure that benefits both students and the school. This required a specialized approach as we needed to build a complex educational system, build an initiative user interface and ensure smooth function. That’s why we choose this solution, as we can build a learning management system that encourages students. 

The Result

The client loved the solution as it surpassed their expectation. It receives a positive reaction from various educational institutes.


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