Know This Before Visiting GITEX Dubai!

Know This Before Visiting GITEX Dubai!

For the past 41 years, GITEX GLOBAL has been the uncontested tech event about Emerging Technologies. One ecosystem of internet companies, investors, governments, coders, academic startups, and young people binds nations worldwide. It includes every significant technological development in smart cities, mobility, cybersecurity, blockchain, healthcare, and telecommunications.  

You have come to the right place if you want to learn more about this incredible event, GITEX Dubai. This article will cover everything you should know before going to GITEX Dubai. Let’s start now.  

What is GITEX?  

Gulf Information Technology Exhibition is known as GITEX. As GITEX, it was introduced in 1981. The most prominent IT startups, ecosystems, economies, investors, cultures, and companies come together on one stage at GITEX Global. An annual trade show and consumer electronics, IT, AI, and blockchain exhibition are held at the Dubai World Trade Center in the United Arab Emirates. The event draws many attendees, including IT specialists, startup owners, and leaders in the sector.  

Seven different GITEX shows & which ones to go for?   

Gitex Global  

This is a key and well-attended event for international business and governmental groups that support the mission of digital transformation in more than 170 nations. Businesses provide seminars at various locations throughout the hall and display their best work at exhibition booths.  

AI Everything  

The most attractive field for discoveries that could significantly boost the economy is currently artificial intelligence. The coming together of the leading AI businesses will hasten this area’s investments, breakthroughs, and deployments. The National Program for Artificial intelligence of the UAE government is organizing the event.  

Global DevSlam  

This brand-new event aims to empower and connect the upcoming generations of tech enthusiasts. The top development and coding firms will be present at this event.  

North Star  

This important startup event brings together startup founders, investors, and speakers at Zabeel Halls 4, 5, 6, and 7, close to Dubai Trade Center, for them to bond, develop and build together.  

Fintech Surge  

This conference intends to bring together fintech firms, regulators, startups, and financial hubs. Here, like-minded fintech professionals worldwide may connect and assist one another.  

Marketing Mania  

It is a gathering that provides marketers with inspiration and innovation in data analytics. a gathering designed primarily to unite marketing and technology.  


The newest and most popular attraction at GITEX this year is X-verse. The X-verse will give users access to cutting-edge gaming, breathtaking virtual art, meta K-POP stars, and even the newest meta fashion.  


Vrinsoft is visiting GITEX 2022 this year to have your queries resolved related to the latest tech. We will be there from 10-14 Oct at Dubai World Trade Centre. Book your appointment with us and get Digital Transformation of tech in your business. 

Timing and location for GITEX 2022  

GITEX 2022, the most prominent IT trade show, will take place on the dates and at the location listed below:

GITEX Dubai 2022

Key areas of interest at GITEX Dubai  

Blockchain & AI  

Numerous organizations will strive to make their mark at GITEX due to the fast expansion of AI and Blockchain development. GITEX will showcase some fascinating developments, including humanoids and AI SaaS products.  

AR & VR Metaverse  

The young technological platform known as Metaverse draws many fresh thinkers and seasoned tech firms. GITEX will showcase industrial Metaverse applications so visitors can witness how companies develop in a virtual world.  


It is past due for every business to transform into a green technology company. The best sustainability advancements will be present at GITEX this time.  


Planning to increase organizational cyber resilience will be the main focus of this area. It places a strong emphasis on the development of technology and its protection.  

Statistics for GITEX Dubai  

You can learn about the power of innovation through the applications in various industries at GITEX Dubai. Stunning facts regarding GITEX Dubai include:  

  • 4500+ exhibitors  
  • 800+ startups  
  • 1000+ speakers  
  • 170+ countries  
  • 100,000+ attendees  

Some FAQs  

  • What is the significance of attending Gitex Dubai?  

Information about the most recent advancements will be presented at GITEX 2022. Tech businesses should attend this event to network and showcase their strengths. Out of 170 countries, locate investors, partners, and suppliers.  

  • What are the top visiting countries in Gitex Dubai?  

Italy, India, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Korea, Japan, France, Bahrain, Serbia, and others will be among the top visitors to GITEX. Leading IT firms from the USA and Europe also take part in GITEX.  

  • Which events are included in Visitor Passes?   

GITEX GLOBAL, North Star, DevSlam, Future Blockchain Summit, Fintech Surge, and Marketing Mania are the events covered by the visitor’s pass. Access to workshops, knowledgeable speakers, or training courses is not included.   

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