Top 5 Fintech Apps You Should Check Out in 2023

Top 5 Fintech Apps You Should Check Out in 2023

Visiting banks has become a tedious task and young generation wants something better and faster. Banking sectors are always looking for a new way to attract more customers but they are far behind in technology. That’s why Fintech apps have become a global solution for every financial need. From opening a bank account, currency exchange to trading, we have fintech apps for everything. Fintech App Development provides instant solutions where users can manage their wealth, performed banking activities and trade with ease.  

What is Fintech? 

In a simple term, Fintech is a combination(portmanteau) of two words, financial Technology. Fintech is a new and emerging technology to bring a better solution for traditional finance. From mobiles apps to custom software, fintech allows everyone to manage their personal finance with ease. 

Financial services are always slow and late to upgrade which is why Fintech become a revolutionary and path breaking innovation. From managing personal finance, to investment, trading, banking, to the latest cryptocurrency exchange, Fintech has wider reach and broader applications. It is helping financial sectors to bring about new changes that evidently helping the everyday users. Fintech predication indicates the growing trend in mobile application and development of super apps that can cover every financial need in one place. 

Top Fintech Apps in 2023 


Chime is currently one of the best Fintech mobile app in the market that offers many banking services at free of charge. It’s an online only banking solution that provides free banking services like bank account, access to ATM, Direct deposit and more. Chime is a finance technology company but they are partnered with two banks and have FDIC insurance on all banking account which makes it safest place for any financial transaction. 

Notable features 

  • Multifactor authentication with SSL encryption and biometric 
  • Free-fee mobile payment and transfer 
  • Debit card with Access to over 60,000 ATM free of charge 
  • Early access to funds and Direct Deposit account 


Mint is a personal money management and budget making app. This fintech mobile app creates a balanced budget for the users and help them with spendings to create financial freedom. Mint can manage every aspect of your financial needs by tracking your monthly bills, subscriptions and due amount and creates a smart budget focusing on saving. It will allow users to get better with their financial habits and encourage them to spend wisely. Mint can integrate with every banking and financial sector of your choice and tracks details so that it can adjust it to your financial goal. 

Notable features 

  • Create smart budget to save expenses 
  • Free credit score and financial analysis 
  • Secure integration with most banking sectors 
  • Accepts Cryptocurrency and provides home loan with Rocket Mortage


Revoult is London based Fintech company that offers banking services. They are leading financial services provider to over 25 million users worldwide. They offer peer to peer payment, Fee-free currency exchange and support ATM withdrawals in over 120 currencies and money transfer in 29 currencies. The company has valuation of over $30 billion and growing rapidly in all financial sectors. 

Notable Features 

  • Crypto trading available 
  • International spending with 30+ currencies exchange for free (within limit) 
  • No fee ATM withdrawal in 120 currencies (within limit) 
  • Free account creation without any hidden charges 


Listed as world best bank in 2021 by Forbes, this Germany based Fintech banking app offers all services to their users. Currently, N26 operates around Europe and other in single euro payments area. It offers wide varieties of financial applications like virtual and physical cards, mobile banking, free payment worldwide and free domestic and international ATM withdrawal within a limit. It also has personal finance and spending tracker to help users with their budgets. 

Notable Features 

  • Quick money transfer with MoneyBeam 
  • Open a bank account in 8 minutes and get virtual or physical debit card 
  • Shared spaces and spaces sub account feature to spend with others and save separately 
  • Travel and lifestyle insurance for premium members 


Robinhood is an online trading and investing platform that supports stocks, ETFs and crypto. One of the best features of this fintech app is, 0% commission on all trades. Apart from no commission on trading, users can trade cryptocurrency without paying any commission too. Robinhood app has revolutionaries the trading practices by allowing more people than ever to take interest in trading stocks and crypto. Traditional stock exchange and trading were out of reach to normal users but with Robinhood app, anyone can trade and invest with easy-to-use mobile application.  

Notable Features 

  • No commission on trading and exchange 
  • Earn interest on your uninvested cash 
  • Finacial educations including stock information and charts 
  • Available on Mobile and Web platform 

How to Build a Fintech App? 

Growing demand for Fintech solutions at a global stage has inspired others to build new fintech apps. We have seen a substantial increase in Fintech App Development over the past years and more business are looking forward to build their own fintech app. Here are some of the important factors to understand about developing a fintech app. 

Fintech Types 

There are few types of Fintech apps available in the market that fall in to 5 categories. Such as banking, personal finance management, payment, trading and loans. Choosing the right categories is paramount for a successful app launch. There are many different sub categories like blockchain and cryptocurrencies, deposit and lending, insurance and more. 

Features and Design 

Fintech apps are built to service financial purpose, it requires few features that are not common among other app developments. First and foremost, the security, it needs to have better safety and security features to keep the user’s data and investment safe. Other features like two step authentications, encryptions, biometric and other should be included. Fintech app design need to be user friendly and easy to access. 

Regulations and Legal Compliance 

Every finance technology company need to follow many different regulations and legal requirements in all countries where apps are being used. There are many different legal bodies and regulatory committee that oversee the financial transactions and trading of the app. Make sure to get a clear view of this before building an fintech app. 

Hire Mobile App Developer 

Fintech apps are highly secure and requires expert developers to build it. Before hiring any mobile app developer, make sure to check their portfolio. Do they have experience with similar app development, what are their development steps and tech stacks, how will they keep the app secure? Make sure to choose an experienced and expert Custom mobile app development company for your fintech app. 


Mobile apps have become synonyms to every aspect of our life. Similarly, Fintech apps created a whole new generation of digital banking experience like never before. Over 65% of Americans are using digital banking services for every financial needs. That’s why businesses are investing in Fintech App Development to build a robust app solution for banking, trading and more. 

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