Retail Restaurant POS System

Our client’s company owned a restaurant and was facing difficulties with handling transactions due to an outdated point of sale (POS) system. They approached us to build a POS system that improves efficiency and streamlines the ordering process. We developed a leading-edge POS terminal that encompasses every aspect of the restaurant business and integrates with other apps to create a centralized model.

  • PHP Laravel (Website + admin)
  • Android (POS + kitchen staff )
  • MySQL DB
  • ReactNative (Customer android /iOS app)
  • Android Kotlin (Driver APP)
  • Swift iOS (Driver app)
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Website

Notable Milestones


  • Streamline order processing
  • Enhance customer experience  
  • Simplify kitchen operations
  • Improve delivery services
  • Achieve seamless integration for a restaurant POS system


  • Develop user-friendly interfaces for diners, drivers, kitchens, and restaurant management.
  • Create a user-friendly and visually appealing menu layout for the customer app.
  • Allow real-time order processing, tracking, and status updates.
  • Design the POS system with scalability in mind to accommodate future growth and adapt to evolving business needs.
  • Build a mobile app for customers to place orders, track deliveries, and receive exclusive offers and promotions.
  • Upgrade the existing inventory management system to streamline operations, reduce errors, and improve order fulfillment times.


  • Increased customer interest and engagement
  • 35% increase in customers signing up  
  • Enhanced restaurant operations

Project Highlights

  • Developed POS system and integrated it with POS terminal, kitchen, drivers, and customer app.
  • Build a POS system for kitchen staff for seamless order tracking and delivery.
  • Developed cross-platform customer apps (Android/iOS) using react native.
  • Created an Intuitive web-based admin panel for easy management.
  • Enhancing customer service processes to improve satisfaction and loyalty.

Our Client

Our client, A well-established restaurant owner, was in search of a comprehensive POS system that can effortlessly integrate various aspects of their restaurant operations. Their main goals include simplifying order processing, enhancing delivery services, and unifying data management. They wanted a solution that caters to their customers, drivers, kitchen staff, and management team, guaranteeing a seamless and efficient workflow throughout all touchpoints.  

Client Requirement

  • A custom POS system for the restaurant
  • POS system for in-house ordering terminal  
  • Mobile app for customers (Android/iOS)
  • POS system for kitchen staff
  • Driver-side mobile application (Android/iOS)  

Proposed Solution to fix operational process

We chose an Android-based POS terminal due to its user-friendliness, speed, and flexibility. The system integrated smoothly with printers and scanners. We gained inventory management, sales tracking, and reporting features by partnering with a reputable POS provider. Rigorous testing ensured seamless compatibility with existing hardware and software, with a focus on data security and compliance.

Why we chose this solution: Since implementing the new POS system, we have seen significant improvements in our transactional processes. The system is faster, more reliable, and user-friendly, leading to reduced transaction time and fewer errors. The system’s inventory management feature has enabled us to track our sales and manage our inventory efficiently. Additionally, the system’s reporting feature provides real-time data, enabling us to make informed decisions about our business.


The restaurant POS system utilizes a tech stack that includes PHP, Laravel, Android, React Native, Kotlin, and Swift. This combination provides a broad range of capabilities that are suitable for various components of the system.


To ensure maximum customer reach and engagement, we’ve employed React Native for the customer app, which is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms.


The tech stack’s combination allows for smooth integration between different parts of the POS system. This facilitates real-time communication between customers, drivers, kitchen staff, and the admin panel.


We chose MySQL as the database backbone and optimized language choices for scalability and high performance. This ensures that our tech stack can accommodate the restaurant’s growth and provide responsive users.

Key Features


  • 01. User-Friendly Interface

    It has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that is easy for restaurant staff to learn and navigate, minimizing training time and improving operational efficiency.

  • 02. Versatile Order Management

    The system allows for seamless order processing, modifications, and split checks, providing flexibility to accommodate various customer preferences and demands.

  • 03. Tableside Ordering

    The POS terminal enables tableside ordering using handheld devices, allowing servers to take orders directly at the table and send them directly to the kitchen, reducing wait times and enhancing the overall dining experience.

  • 04. Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

    The system provides detailed reporting and analytics, offering insights into sales performance, inventory levels, customer behavior, and other key metrics to inform data-driven decision-making and business growth strategies.

  • 05. Real-Time Inventory Tracking

    The POS system includes robust inventory management capabilities, tracking ingredient levels in real-time and generating alerts for low-stock items, helping restaurant owners maintain optimal inventory levels and reduce waste.

  • 06. Integrated Online Ordering

    The platform seamlessly integrates with online ordering systems, enabling restaurants to accept orders from multiple channels and easily manage both in-house and delivery orders.

  • 07. Customer Loyalty Programs

    t supports customer loyalty programs and rewards, allowing restaurants to create personalized offers and promotions to foster customer retention and engagement.

  • 08. Kitchen Display System (KDS)

    The system offers a Kitchen Display System that digitally displays orders to kitchen staff, improving order accuracy and kitchen efficiency.


Benefits of Solution

We developed restaurant POS to build a centralized and integrated system that operates every aspect of the business. From tableside ordering to driver-side app delivery management, we implemented essential features with the POS system. We utilized various technologies and tools to ensure a scalable POS system that can handle large amounts of orders and functions in real time.

The Result

The new POS system made significant improvements in the transactional processes. The system is faster and more user-friendly, leading to reduced transaction time and fewer transactions. The system's delivery management feature has enabled us to track sales and manage deliveries efficiently.


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