7 Mind-Blowing Software Development Trends Leading in India

It is impossible to say that a single type of software can be used for decades. When we want our work to be efficient, it is obvious that there will be some prominent changes when it comes to software development in India.

With years, software development technologies will keep evolving but always with some great benefits only. Obviously, if we want great development for our business, we have to accept these innovations like these will help our businesses in the growth.

Year 2020 has shown us so many crises, but amidst the pandemic, our software developers never put the break on in Software Development Trends.


  • Here are some trending software developments listed below:

  • 1. Blockchain is leading in the industry

One of the best evolutions, which have changed the software trends, is blockchain. However, what makes Blockchain so unique?

Blockchain is a digital ledger, which offers transparency of the work. It helps in transferring the information, in a very safe manner ahead. This makes the system reliable and trusted.

  • 2. Artificial intelligence-

Another development that has been doing wonders and still is not stopping is artificial intelligence. In simple words, some machines are programmed in such a way that it will imitate human actions or start acting like humans.

  • 3. Cloud computing is changing the perceptions of work-

Cloud computing is a very essential trend in software development. Basically, it is a place where you can store all the files and documents, and you get access to it from anywhere you want. It will not only save space but also eases the work, and the best examples of cloud computing are Google drive and Dropbox.

  • 4. Native web apps-

Native web apps is another development, which is used, especially in a particular operating system.

For example, if we talk about email or contact book, these are inbuilt in the OS of apple. Similarly, in the case of android, there are some inbuilt apps already available on the phone.

  • 5. Internet of things- something that can’t be ignored-

IoT is something that is not very common among people, but it is available anywhere and everywhere. The IoT, in some or other way, surrounds us all. Connecting any device with the internet is known as the Internet of things. Examples of IoT are a smart microwave that cooks the food for you or sports gadgets that tells your heart and pulse rate.

Internet of things has taken the software development trends, to the next level.

  • 6. Edge computing takes a step forward in software trends-

According to the studies, edge computing is about to grow 28 times in software development trends until 2025. Edge computing is an upgraded version of cloud computing, but it is focusing more on the Internet of things. The primary mission of edge computing is to increase network performance by reducing latency.

  • 7. Low-code development-

Low-code development is another trend in a system that helps software developers to create an application or web pages in a very short time as compared to traditional coding. Undoubtedly, this will save a lot of time and energy for the developers and help them in creating the best apps for sure.

In the end, you must have now understood that the Software Developments in India are only benefitting the businesses and making our work smooth as ever.

All you can do is now wait and enjoy some more innovations that will take place in the coming years if the development of technologies. Sit back and adapt to the new changes that will happen in the software development industry.

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