Fuchsia – The Future of Google Operating System

Google has been a creator of new open-source software and innovative operating systems that have been made available to the commercial market. The Google has been known to provide their users with many technological mobile evolutions such as mobile cloud solutions, Chrome OS, and Android operating system, etc.

Google has been working on a multi-device operating system widely known as Fuchsia. The technical community has started making speculations regarding the features and technological potential that Fuchsia has. The current working version of Fuchsia is being released in the Google’s Pixelbook to show the new generation of UI design of Google.

Fuchsia – The Future of Google Operating System

It is a new operating system that is believed to work parallel in the market with Android. Since its announcement in 2016, it has been a complete mystery to the developers, but with the latest announcement that it would support Android has got developers talking again. The latest XDA developer’s forum has revealed that Google has added an Android native app support in Fuchsia OS. This news has opened doors for Android App Development. Here is a brief look at Fuchsia which will help the Android developers to understand the potential of Fuchsia.

What is Fuchsia OS?

The Google hasn’t made clear regarding any plans that they have for Fuchsia. Many claims state that Fuchsia will replace Android but considering the large user base of Android, it seems highly unlikely that it would replace Android. Even still Fuchsia is evolving as a code in Github since 2016. A new operating system is sounding more common, but the fact that it can support Android application makes it even more revolutionary.

Features of Fuchsia OS

Fuchsia has the ability to scale up to the screen size of laptops and computers which can also support MIPS, x86 processor, and ARM for enhanced performance. The Dart and Flutter will also be supported on Fuchsia which is Google’s very own scripting language. The future Fuchsia native apps will be developed on Dart and Flutter. This is considered the future of Fuchsia applications.

Fuchsia for Android

The developer’s forum has shown that Fuchsia will show up in AOSP which has made it somewhat clear to an extent that Fuchsia will support Android devices. It is being developed with ART which means Android runtime that means it has the ability to support Android applications. The other way that Fuchsia can replace Google is with gradual updates but it becomes impossible to have updates for all Android-based devices. The updates are not only limited to design, but also the functionality of the application. The Google is a business-oriented organization and they would opt for the most profitable option which is to support Android native application on Fuchsia to maintain the wide user base of Android.

The Android devices are believed that it can support the new Fuchsia OS without any major updates. The fact that the Fuchsia OS is still under development makes it hard to speculate the outcome of these claims. The Google has never disappointed their users and, therefore, it can only be expected that the new Fuchsia OS be as promising as it is claimed.

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