Why Choose Python for Your Mobile App Development?

Python App Development

Python is one of the most used and preferred programing languages in the world. Its popularity has increased exponentially since the arrival in the app development industry. One of the main reasons behind the success of Python app development is the simplicity in the coding, it uses fewer complex methods and straight forward approach. However, in this age of mobile app development, can we use python to create mobile app?

Is Python Suitable for Developing Mobile Apps? 

Yes, Python can be used for creating mobile apps. One of the main reasons behind Python’s success is its flexibility. Python was originated in 1991 as an open-source coding language and even after all these years, it is still one of the most popular options for building cross-platform mobile applications.

However, in order to develop a mobile app using Python, we need a translating system. Java is Android’s native language and Swift is for iOS, so in order to run Python code in native environment, we need a virtual system that can translate Python to Java or Swift. But it is possible and as we discuss further, we will learn more types of mobile app we can develop using Python. 

Types of Mobile Apps You Can Develop Using Python 

Gaming App Development  

Many mobile games are made using Python. Python is used for game design, dialog tree, level design and more. Some of the most famous mobile games such as world of tanks, battlefield 2, EVE online are exclusively made from python. 

Python makes game designing and prototype designing easier. We can easily design any kind of games and check in on Python or pygames. It’s easier to maintain and faster to code. Some of the most famous mobile games also use Python coding for some of the feature in the game. 

Audio-Video Apps 

One of the most trending apps are audio video types of application on mobile. This apps allows users to create or edit audio and video along with other features. Python has many different development libraries that provides better support to create audio video apps and that is the reason behind success of most Python development company. 

Command Line Apps 

This type of mobiles app is not too famous but it’s not rare either. It doesn’t have any graphic or fancy UI like any normal app. It is a PC program or shell programs integrated for mobile use. 

Blockchain Apps 

Blockchain is one of the latest in line of technological advancement. Creating blocks is not easy and because of its complex design, most people choose not to do it. However, python makes it much easier. In order to learn more about blockchains and creating, one need to have basic understanding of python.  

Business Apps 

Python is used for many business and enterprise apps over the year. Prominent reason is the security it provides. Some of the well-known apps are ODOO and Tryton. This apps provides multiple solutions for big business and management. 

Machine Learning Apps 

Machine learning provides solutions by feeding data to system. It provides solution based on vast data points and changes and predict the outcome based on the accuracy of the data. Python makes it easier to create machine learning tools with its libraries like Scikit and pandas. 

Example of Apps Developed Using Python 

  • Uber 
  • Reddit 
  • Spotify 
  • Instagram 
  • Dropbox 

Mobile App Development

Why Choose Python for Mobile App Development? 

  • Secure 

Python provides high level of security for the app and data. It is one of the most secure languages currently used by millions of programmers. It makes sure that user data or any sensitive information on the platform does not fall into the wrong hands.  

  • Easy Integration

Python has been around for more than 3 decades and because of its easy integration policy, it can be more useful. It can fit into any system or python application with ease and because of this python app development cost is much lower than others. 

  • Libraries

Python libraries are notorious for being helpful to the programmers. It allows coders to use the existing code, so that they don’t need to start from the scratch. Most of them are free for all and available to anyone who needs it. It makes the whole process easier and quicker. 

  • Easy to Read 

Programing is not simple, especially when you need to check someone else’s work. Python is famous for its easy-to-read coding. Anyone can read the code and understand its purpose without going through tons of code.  

Best tools to Create Python Mobile Apps 

As we mentioned earlier, python needs a virtual machine to translate the code to native language. Here is a list of tools that helps user to create mobile apps with python. 

  • Beeware 

This tool is designed for the python users to create mobile app on any platform. It helps users write cross platform native GUI python application.  

  • Kivy

This tools also provide solutions for users to create apps on multiple platforms like android, windows, Linux, iOS and MacOS. It’s an open-source software library that supports multi touch apps.

Difference Between Python and Native App Development  

Let’s compare two major app development language swift and java to python.

  • Speed 

If we compare application speed, then python is at third position. Swift is only used for iOS applications and integrate plugins and other features. Same as Java, which is 25 times faster than python. 

  • Space 

We all know about big applications on apple and how much space they need. But when we compare java and python, java is still the winner. But when it comes to battery drainer, all three are big loser. 

  • Ease of Coding 

Java or swift are not even a competition for this category. Python is one of the easiest programming languages. When compare to the native one, app development is much faster with python.

  • Popularity and Talent Pool

Even after 30+ years, python is still number one coding language in the world with 67%.  Also, more programmers are used to this language and that is why you can find best of the best python coder for your mobile app. 


There are numerous reasons to choose python to development and that is why everyone is making mobile apps with it. There are some drawbacks to it, but it can be resolved easily. If you are looking to hire mobile app developer, then Vrinsoft is one of the best options to choose from. 

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