Use Google Maps to view locations live during peak hours

Google Maps had launched the Popular Times feature last year. In its latest offering, Google Maps intends to add real time look to various locations during the busiest times during the day. Through this feature, users of Google Maps can get a clear view and get an idea about how busy a particular place is during a given time of the day. A lot of people who visit popular places are often greeted by heavy crowds or traffic. This may prove to be highly inconvenient for them. However, using the feature users can make a decision whether to visit a given place or to postpone the visit to a later time or date when it is likely to be less crowded. The Popular Times feature proves to be immensely useful for people who may be pressed for time and wish to avoid crowded places. This feature gives an accurate insight into the strength of the crowd they are most likely to be greeted with.

Google Maps to view locations

The feature also takes into consideration the footfall that different department stores witness during different times during the day. Google has added the service hours and department stores aspect to its Maps in order to provide convenience to users. With the additional feature, users can easily gather information about the opening and closing times of supermarkets, departmental stores, pharmacies, local car dealerships, auto repairs stores and several others.

The feature that is increasingly being used by SEO Company India, can help users verify with ease the busiest times in a particular location or departmental store. Apart from this information, most users also wish to know about the average time an individual spends at a specific location. In order to enhance the capabilities of its effective Popular Times feature, Google has also rolled out a new feature that allows users to gather information about the time people spend at one particular location. All the three features allow users to plan their day in a better and systematic way. It helps them save a considerable amount of their precious time. These features provide a number of benefits and are hence popular amongst people.

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