Top e-commerce mobile app trends to look out in 2017

The explosive rise in smartphones around the world has led to an increase in the mobile app numbers. Today, apps are no longer just bound to smartphones instead they are necessary for IoT-enabled devices, smart cars, wearables and much more. This expanse in the app development department grants immense opportunities for entrepreneurs as well as for consumers. According to reports by Internet Retailer, by 2018 the mobile apps will bring about 60% of e-Commerce traffic and is expected to cross $400 billion per annum. All these numbers state that mobile e-commerce will be at the center stage of business. For a business proprietor, it is necessary to have an e-commerce mobile app as well as apprehend this expanding trend and how to cultivate more from the best possible prospects presented by the e-commerce app market. Let us look at some e-commerce mobile trends for the year 2017:

e-commerce mobile app development

Mobile Digital Assistants

MDAs (Mobile Digital Assistants) will significantly reduce the browsing, shopping and payment times. It is projected that people in the near future will shop on their mobile devices with Mobile Digital Assistants. In the future, around $2 Billion worth of merchandise will be purchased through MDAs. Tools such as M and Magic are expected to play a vital role in the Mobile commerce.

VR e-commerce

The concept of VR would transform how customers shop on their mobile phones. This feature will increase the level of customer engagement of your eCommerce app. This feature will allow the customers to view their selected items in a more specific way, view product demonstrations and enables smooth browsing, faster checkout, and payment.

Chat Support

Shopping can be stressful and confusing as there are so many options to choose from and not being sure about what to buy. Many customers would rather consult their friends and family before buying any product. And this is where the Chat feature comes in. This Chat feature incorporated in your e-commerce app can ease the process of shopping. In the near future, chat functionality is expected to become a standard thing in the e-commerce apps.

Extensive Voice Search

E-commerce apps major target in 2017 is to provide convenience to the customers. Voice search is the perfect example of customer convenience. Voice Search makes the shopping experience more accommodating in comparison to any other method. Customers sometimes hate typing stuff that they want to search. With the voice search feature, they can shop while driving, walking or doing some other activities. Shopping gets so much easier when instead of typing lengthy searches you can actually talk into your phone. This function is also very helpful in collecting customer’s reviews and feedbacks.

Contextual Shopping

Through Contextual shopping, retailers can easily implement procurement opportunities into everyday activities and conditions. In short, with this feature customers can purchase anything they want, anytime and from anywhere with just the click of a button or even with just their voice.

As more and more companies are getting on with the e-commerce movement with their respective mobile apps, Mobile eCommerce can only be expected to expand. Latest technologies like IoT, AI, and Big Data will highly influence the way customers shop on their mobile apps. Thus, it is going to be a quite challenging thing to develop innovative and creative apps as well as to recognize and employ the ideal eCommerce apps for your business. Vrinsoft Technology provides avant-garde E-commerce Mobile App Development solutions for your respective business projects. We develop mobile apps with the aim to maximize customer engagement as well as add value to your customer’s shopping experience.

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