The latest whatsapp update for iOS with offline messages queue

A new WhatsApp update was released recently for iPhone users and it will be indeed a relief for the users, particularly for those who usually are in bad or low connectivity area. The latest update is marked as version 2.17.1.

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It has added a new feature to queue messages when the user is offline and also allows sharing up to 30 pictures or videos at a time, besides, the frequent bug resolutions. Before the update, the Send button used to remain inactive during unavailability of internet connection. Android users might not find this interesting enough but it is a big deal for the iOS squad. If you often find yourself in areas with low or bad connectivity and you have an iPhone, you will see a gray ‘Send’ icon as the iOS app would require a network connection after it gets launched and will only allow you to type and send if it is in connection with a data network.

The new update is, in fact, a better feature for the iPhone owners. Now, users will be able to type and send messages, even though they are offline or not in connection to the Whatsapp servers. On regaining the connectivity, the app will start to stream out the queued messages and you will see the miniature clock turn into tick marks. One more important update in the WhatsApp version 2.17.1 is that it allows to share or forward more than 10 items (up to 30 videos or photos) at one go. Now, iPhone users with the new Whatsapp update can spam their friends, family, and groups.

There is one more addition to the update. The new update gives you a review about the storage space which is utilized by the app divided up for each conversation. You can get this data by going to the Storage Usage option in the WhatsApp’s Settings. The storage space occupied by each component will be visible there. It will also let you select and delete the unnecessary GIFS, images or text all at once or as per specific users or content type. The size of the update is 91.2MB and only users with iOS 7 or higher can have access to it. Whatsapp is also expected to add a new feature where users can retract sent messages.

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