The Arts & Culture app Promises delight for art lovers

The most used search engine Google recently launched the ‘Arts & Culture app. The launch is expected to benefit art lovers across the globe. Using the app they can discover artefacts and famous works from museums located across 70 countries.

google cultural institute

It will be functional on iOS and Android platforms. Users can access the history of various heritage sites and also get panoramic images of their excavation. The history and excavation images of the famous Nalanda University located in Bihar which recently became a World Heritage Site can be accessed using the app. Users can also navigate the artworks of Rabindra Nath Tagore and Amrita Shergil, both of whom are eminent personalities in the field of art. Their artworks are beautiful and a delight for any art lover.

The app allows users to view the displays at various museums across the world at the touch of a button. The app promises to be a boon for art lovers who can now access the most popular works of famous artists.

The app focuses on the rich culture and heritage of India. Google Cardboard which is a virtual reality headset provides users with the opportunity to take virtual tours of various museums. The long list of museums includes the Sanskriti Museum of India the establishment of which dates back to 1978. The museum has a huge collection of art and is visited by many art lovers from across the world. The app provides a next to real experience of the famous places of art.

The additional features in the app include the scrolling feature which allows users to browse through magnificent works of art through a timeline. The paintings can also be browsed on the basis of their colours. The platform is also available on YouTube channel which features original content regarding various topics of cultural significance. Information like the location, monument and opening and closing times of the museums can also be accessed through the app.

The Art Recognizer feature of the app helps users scan paintings by using phone scanners and find information available about them. With this launch, Google has taken Mobile App Development to an entirely new level.

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