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About Food Delivery app

Online restaurant search and food delivery services were started in India with only one goal and that was delivering people exactly what they were craving for. Food Delivery applications made life more convenient and were applauded for their wide range of food options and prompt delivery by their executives. A food revolution started with companies like Swiggy, Foodpanda, Zomato and UberEats all introducing their own creative ways of food delivery process.

Benefits of our food delivery app;
  • Daily offers on every order

  • You can explore multiple options

  • Tie-up easily with restaurants via app

  • Filter the cuisines


Prepared in Kitchen

Best restaurants and food outlets within your city

Temperature-controlled bags

Freshness with temperature controlled bags.

Delivered instantly

Food delivered instantly with a few taps via app
  • Select the food from menu cart
  • Edit and modifying the cart
  • Order tracking from the app
  • Reserving the slots for restaurants online
  • Geolocation
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Basic Features of Food Delivery App
App Users
User side

Basic Features



Search Different Restaurants

Manage Orders

View Menu

Manage Menu

Order Food with Different Payment Modes

Manage Catalogue

Order for Scheduled Time

Order History

Order History

View Transactions

Promo Code and Discount

View & Respond Customer Reviews

Track the delivery

Reports & Analytics

Call to Delivery Person

Manage Profile & *Staff*

Real time Chat with Vendor

Chat with User

Push Notifications


Ratings and Review


Social Media Sharing


Manage own Profile

Avail Subscription Plan


Cost of Food Delivery App Development

$18000 USD

Innovative features

Integrate Blockchain

Vrinsoft Technology blockchain app developers simplify blockchain integration for your online food delivery application by developing a robust web application that protects the security of your order transactions.


Custom made chatbots specially designed for customers personalize the food delivering process. The customer can have a smoother food ordering journey and they can set preferences to find whatever they are craving for.

Incorporate Alexa Skills

Engage with our Alexa Skill development team at Vrinsoft to integrate voice-enabled technology. Enhance your application with Alexa where food orders, delivery options and payment requests are carried out by voice commands.

What do we offer?

Business Segment

Mobile web apps-

We will develop an app that will work properly on all the screen types so that your users can use the app according to their convenience.

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On-Demand apps-

We will work on your demands, and our team will present you an app that will be engaging mass audience in every region.

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Customized food-delivery app

If you want to add custom-made app that will meet the user expectations, then the team of Vrinsoft will use their perseverance to make an accurate app.

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Want us to help you with the food delivery app? This is what we can do for you

We will give you the following options-
  • A Member Application which allows the customer to browse restaurants, the dishes and their prices. The customer can place an order and track it systematically.

  • A Restaurant Application which gets the details of the order.

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Doorstep delivery

Food tracking

24*7 functionality


When you choose us, we know you expect the best thus, we make sure that our team delivers an exceptional quality product that will meet your necessities and the users’ expectations. We never compromise even the slightest when it comes to quality.

Many clients have concerns about the transparency of the services company provide. However, we make sure that you know everything about what, how, and why we do. We ensure to have clear communications with clients to avoid misunderstandings in the future.

We excel in the diversified range of services, and concurrently we also provide flexibility to the clients. Our team is tapping into the power of technologies and uses the same optimally to deliver you the unsurpassed kind of services in the given time.

You want your business to transform into something great, and we visualize the same. That is why we strategize the whole model and deliver you under the budget price so that you get quality services at cost-effective prices.

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