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Alexa Skills Development Growth Statistics
Alexa Skills Development Growth Statistics


Over 50000 unique Amazon Alexa Skills are developed globally as of now (2018)


There will be an estimated 21.4 million smart speakers in the US by 2020


Businesses on average see a 53% boost thanks to Alexa capabilities

Why Alexa Skills for Smart Home Automation System?
Why Alexa Skills

The modern era saw individuals living hectic lives in the fast lane. Alexa Skills developed by most companies was created with only one goal in mind: What you ask is what you shall get.

Alexa is a voice computed device system centered on IoT technology, a brilliant innovation centralized to integrate Smart Home Automation application. Moreover, Amazon Alexa's voice-enabled technology is more suitable for Smart Home Automation than other virtual assistant like Google Assistant or Siri.

Alexa Skills for Smart Home Automation will see a rise in more millennials on the go opting for voice-enabled technology to make their lives at home more relaxing, exactly how it should be.

What Are The Advantages Of Smart Home Automation System?
What are the advantages

With the entire face of the industry adapting to ultramodern technologies, it's time to become "smarter" with a smart home automation system.





Resource Team for Doctor Appointment Booking Application

  • 1 UI Designer
  • 1-2 Android App Developers
  • 1-2 iOS App Developers
  • 1 Backend developer
  • 1 Quality Analyst
  • 1 Business Analyst
  • 1 Project Manager

Basic Features of Smart Home Automation System
Basic Features

App Users User Side
Basic Features Login
Manage Voice Control
Get Real time alerts
Turn On/Off Devices and Lights
Set Calender Schedules to turn On/Off Device
Set Smart lock with Face and Voice Recognition
Automated Sprinkler Management
Manage Device Connectivity with different devices
Manage Room Selection
Cost of Smart phone home Automation App Development $12000 USD

How can Alexa Skills be integrated for Smart Home Automation System?
How can Alexa Skills

As times have modernized and everything is more boisterous, humans have to resort to means that ensure smooth-sailing lives. Alexa Skills, since having been introduced has already made taxi booking and food ordering more convenient by integrating it with voice-enabled technology.

With an Alexa-compatibility device adhering to every single task, all one needs to do is integrate Alexa Skills to these appliances which can be easily done by Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot speakers. A platform like SmartThings, connected thermostat like Emeron Sensi and smart light bulbs like Philip Hue all make for a Smart Home Automated System when assimilated with Alexa Skills.

Unique features of a Smart Home Living Automation Application
Unique features of a Smart Home Living Automation Application

Remote access

A brilliant feature, accessing the system remotely when the individual is away from home is made possible by simply commanding the virtual assistant from your phone or laptop. The user is at liberty to not fret about trivial things like driving all the way back to shut appliances.

Multipurpose voice assistant

Our Alexa Application development team has expert skills having built numerous platforms integrated with voice-enabled technology. A virtual assistant that can drive all applications as a single unit will not only reduce installation costs but give you the home of your dreams.

Range of user interfaces

With a variety of interface systems already existing in the market, the individual is at leisure to select a system of their preference. The system should be robust which can be personalized using various substructures like budget and adaptive functionalities that can be integrated with different controllers such as remotes and wall-mounted keyboards complete with colourful icons.

What Can You Expect From Vrinsoft Technology for integrating a Smart Home Automation System?

Alexa Skills Kit (ASK)

Using the ASK, Alexa can be engineered to intelligently connected devices and systems. Our expert Mobile Development team at Vrinsoft can integrate Alexa Skills to any mobile's operating system for providing an array of mobile commands and rich applications.


Vrinsoft technology helps you to create a range of designs that are user-friendly as well as an easy to understand layout. The powerful voice-enabled technology will provide users with an experience of a lifetime.

Cloud Computing and Hosting

Our highly specialized team of experts at Vrinsoft can build, host and run applications on the cloud. Integrating Alexa Applications and creating your own personalized Alexa Skills has never been easier!

Technology Stack We use to develop

  • Android


  • Android Studio

    Android Studio

  • Fabric iOS

    Fabric iOS

  • Google Analytics

    Google Analytics

  • Google API

    Google API

  • MEAN Stack

    MEAN Stack

  • Mentis BT

    Mentis BT

  • Sass


  • swift iOS

    swift iOS

  • Xcode


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