Simple Tips for Writing Good Codes and Reducing Cognitive Loads

Good codes create a high impact and relate to easy modification, good performance and a low bug count. Despite of being so important, a number of developers fail to focus on it.


Tips for writing good codes

Writing good codes involves a number of aspects. Few of them include:

Avoid personal quirks

A lot of developers often get carried away by new and clever tricks regarding code writing. They often start using them with the intention of creating a good impression on peers. However, most of the times, these tricks merely distract the developers. In such situations, it often becomes difficult to write a good code.

Personalizing the work

A lot of developers make the mistake of personalizing their work to a great extent. This may make the codes difficult to understand. It is hence advisable to follow the prescribed coding standards and write codes which are predictable and simple to understand.

Divide and conquer

Complex codes may be clarified by modularization. Modularization can be achieved in a number of ways. Storing long conditional results into one or more variables are a good way to modularize. This also allows developers to compose them in larger conditionals. While breaking down problems, it is advisable for developers to focus on one section at a time. It is recommended to focus on local state and avoid mixing irrelevant issues. This can help in creating good codes.

Use variables for compartmentalizing logics

Using TDD allows developers to use certain principles. Pure functions are now more preferred over stateless codes. Using new paradigms enhances the skills of developers. It is also advisable to avoid using libraries and language extensions that are less compatible with the IDE. Such libraries may lower the productivity.

Making it readable

While writing codes, it is advisable to have a predictable architecture that is easy to locate. Once the architecture is finalized, the other aspects like using controllers and views, place models and MVC’s may be considered.

Make the codes easy to digest

Choosing good code names is extremely important. Names that are meaningful may be used by web development India while writing codes. It is also a good idea to use prefixes in the name.

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