Robotic Process Automation All Set to Change the Functioning of IT Industry

The IT industry has increased usage and reliance on robots for various types of processes and tasks. This phenomenon promises to change the functioning of the IT industry altogether. It is also bound to change various types of business processes.
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RPA or robotic process automation is increasingly being used by the IT industry to perform repetitive tasks that are usually handled by humans. These include various types of process tasks and data entry. RPA uses technologies including big data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence to enable robots to perform manual tasks. With the advancement of technology, software robots can now even make adjustments in the tasks performed by them. The flexibility provided by RPA is all set to have a major impact on the functioning of the IT industry.

Presently, a number of BPO companies and big global IT firms deploy RPA for various types of tasks. The robots are used to deliver high quality IT services with maximum efficiency. The companies also benefit by the lower costs of RPA. The IT companies further offer assistance to their clients regarding the usage of RPA for various business purposes. As a result, many companies have already started conducting trial runs of RPA’s. Many companies are also exploring the potential of RPA’s to be used in expense reimbursement processes, human resources and finance.

Companies can immensely benefit from the usage of RPA’s. They can effectively reduce the cost involved in getting repetitive manual work done. This helps the companies save labor cost and also offer the advantage of the work being completed in a relatively lesser period of time. The average cost involved in allowing a robot to perform tasks is approximately one ninth of the cost incurred on a human for the same task. Most companies outsource projects to labor intensive countries in order to save costs. RPA’s can help in saving costs without having to outsource projects. The cost savings also provide a competitive advantage to companies.

Robots can also be used for various monitoring activities and can be deployed to keep in check critical performance levels. Software Development India has now shifted its focus on RPA which holds many future opportunities.

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