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Eliminate Risks, free trial for a week!

Many a times it happens, choosing the development partner just on the basis of the content on the website makes you puzzled mostly for the outsourcing. We comprehend that you require professional resource to get your project/application done precisely at a given time-frame. Risk free Trial enables you to explore and interpret practically how the outsourcing process works and helps you to gain access to all the qualities and talents you need to build your software.


To Experience Risk-free Trial

  • All you have to do is to pay $550 that is non-refundable in advance as down payment that is withdrawn from your first monthly statement.
  • Your official email id must be related to your service domain. For security purpose, disclosures from free email accounts like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. would not be undertaken.


The Process for applying Risk free Trial

  • Once you are done with $550 amount as a down payment, you can hire developer hourly for one week, having 5 working days – each day with 9 hours.
  • After the completion of one week of Trial, if you seek to continue with the service, we will balance $550 taken as down payment against your first monthly statement.
  • Like wisely: first week of Trial is 100% free.

Terms and Conditions for safe & reliable Trial period

  • $550 down payment can be tuned only for first monthly statement.
  • This is not relevant for part time agreement
  • First agreement session should be minimum 3 Months.
  • Trial can be done without any authentication of contract/agreement.

Instant Quote

Safe & Confidential

Denial because of delay in Initialization of work

Once your initial payment is made, you can hire designer hour base within a week. Make sure that one week of lead-time is must to develop properly for starting the service and it is not counted in the period charged i.e the payment is charged only from the genuine allotment date of the designer.


If we are not able to initiate the service in a week, after the payment is made, we will inform you about the fact before the week expires. You have to choose whether to wait for the allotment or cancel your order and get your refund.


Denial because of Quality of service

No matter whatever reason it is, if you are not satisfied with our services, you may immediately ask for the replacement and even you can cancel the agreement. We will refund your unused proportion of your fees completely with first 30 days.
For an example, if you have spent for the entire month and you want to cancel after 7 days, we will refund 75% of the fees that is being paid.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us to hire web designer, website developer & mobile app developer in India.