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Offshore Development Services

We are a highly resourceful and skilled team of developers who are highly experienced in developing stunning solutions. Consider us as an extension to your business. Hire us for the best business strategy to create affordable solutions to gain an upper edge.

Software Design & Development

The key aspect of any good software is a good design and flawless coding. The highly skilled team of professionals at Vrinsoft stays breast with the latest technologies to provide stunning software solutions.

Software Testing

A dedicated QA Team equipped with a wide range of tools and resources to provide both manual and automated testing. Our team tests every aspect of the project with black box & white box testing as well as performance, acceptance testing, and much more.

UI/UX Specialists

The well-educated and experienced team of designers at Vrinsoft offers innovative and creative UI/X designs. We provide visually stunning designs that cater to the unique business requirements.

Digital Transformation

Gain access to the best team to transform your company into the digital era. Our software, web, and mobile solutions are custom designed to give you an edge over your competitors.

DevOps Engineers

The DevOps team at Vrinsoft can optimize your project management efforts and play a crucial role in your digital transformation with cutting-edge assessment, planning, and strategies. We offer highly efficient solutions & ensure fast time to market.

Dedicated offshore IT Team

A dedicated development team to manage your software needs with a skilled offshore team. A professional IT firm offers unique solutions to ensure your business stands out. We offer secure, scalable, and reliable services.

Maintenance & Support

Continuous updates, tweaks, and new features to incorporate new technologies are key to remaining competitive. The highly capable IT Team at Vrinsoft can support your software systems without disrupting your business.

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Digital Transformation Process

We help transform your business and embrace the digital era with our unique process.

Offshore Development Process

Choose our offshore services like many companies already do; we have a fool-proof process


An initial meeting to gain better understanding of the remote team and establish working parameters and requirements.


This is an essential phase for businesses to evaluate the resources available and provide a better understanding of our services.


We prepare a proposal based on your resource and skill requirements.

Hire Resources

A dedicated team of IT professionals is defined after close scrutiny by the business.

Build Strategy

Define the requirement, generate the milestones and create an appropriate strategy.

Development & Integration

Development of the business requirement and integration of various technologies as per specifications.

Regular Updates

A dedicated project manager to communicate regarding the project and provide updates.


Deliver timely solutions within your budget parameters to avoid the least stress and worry.

Benefits of Offshore Development

Hiring a offshore custom app development team is the best way for your business to stay a step ahead; offshore development centers are the ideal option.

Lower costs

The cost of developing a software involves recruiting highly skilled developers and arranging for appropriate resources. Opting for ODC can reduce your costs.

Big time saver

An Offshore web development team will provide dedicated resources to work on your project and have all necessary resources at their disposal to deliver the project as per the milestones.

Skilled team & resources

This will usually mean having a talented pool of professionals by your side and the perfect setup to develop stunning apps to give your firm the upper edge.

Experience & reliability

An offshore team comes with tons of experience, and you can rely on them to offer a top-notch app.

Focus on essential business issues

By leaving your app development in the capable hands of the ODC, you can focus on business-critical matters.


There are many overhead costs to organize a development team; on the other hand, with ODC, you only pay for the services provided.

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Application Development

Why Choose Vrinsoft

Our Development

Vrinsoft has a professional team that is highly skilled to develop the best business strategy and Technology solutions.

  • highly creative & motivated teams

    Highly Creative & Motivated Teams

  • understand business needs

    We Understand Business Needs

  • quality & security adherence

    Quality & Security Adherence

  • your ideas are safe with us

    Your Ideas Are Safe With Us

  • timely solutions

    Timely Solutions

  • seamless support

    DevOps Enablement


Expertise in different industries

In order to offer the end users not only great products but also highly personalized shopping experience, we can help you optimize the proffer efficiency across the value chain by making your business even more responsive and reliable. Know More

  • Rectangle 2169
  • Rectangle 2170

After the pandemic the need for online classes and creating online education platforms has vastly increased. Parents now install such educational applications for their child’s development and better learning online.  Know More

Take your healthcare to the next level by using effective technologies. An app that can help fitness freaks with instructors who can guide them better and track their daily activities. Orelse drive-in more patient engagement and connect health instructors to them. Know More

Giving convenient services for the customers in the field of real estate, we can help you build an effective feature-rich, secured platform that can help them to sell, buy or rent properties. To amplify all of the business deals in a contemporary way can be possible with such a platform.

With services like online booking or hotel booking give your customers the best experience and make their trip more memorable and fun after using your platform. Customers like to use apps that can help them do everything from beginning to end.

With a comfort zone of ordering food online from wherever they are or even send their special ones with food delivery becomes a cakewalk with complete digital synced solutions in food delivery platforms.

Make the digital banking investments and digital banking entire experience smooth without any kind of annoying banking long queue lines at the bank. Know More

Our robust and highly scalable mobile app solution that can improve operational performance, cross your logistics and transportation business and help you automate your shipping, gain visibility into supply chains and help you achieve superior on-time delivery. Know More

In order to get your end users the experience of watching matches or get each minute update from anywhere and it seems like they are in the stadium, especially when they cannot buy costly tickets. Or they can book online so they do not have to wait in long traffic.

hiring models

This model is cost-effective as it does not require any investment in infrastructure and here the client gets the chance to hire the whole development team and remote them accordingly. All the constancy is due after the completion of the project.

  • No hidden costs
  • Part time/Full time/Hourly
  • Non Disclosure Agreement
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In this model, the client is supposed to pay for the time taken for completion of the project additionally with all materials used. This is a cost-effective process, as there is no requirement for investment. Moreover, this model follows Agile methodologies.

  • Pay only for measurable work
  • Requirement based working hours
  • No hidden Costs
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In this, the complete project will be done by us as per the requirement of our client in the fixed budget. Through the Fix scope model, the client will receive the best development solutions, all under the fixed budget.

  • No hidden Costs
  • Complete control over budget
  • Small/Big projects
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Onshore development is referred to as either developing software inhouse or selecting a local software development firm for your application requirements. On the other hand, offshore software development team is an offshore IT firm to develop your applications.

An offshore development center is one that has a dedicated team model to provide essential services like programming, design, testing, project management, and more

We are quite flexible when it comes to working with businesses located in a different timezone and make special arrangements to provide updates regarding the project status as per your availability.

We always start a project only after the signing of the non-disclosure agreement (NDA), and all our developers are well aware of the need to secure data.

A dedicated point of contact is established to provide regular updates on the project progress at flexible hours.

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