All You Need to Know about the Developer Preview of Android P Beta 2

The Google I/O event of 2018 unveiled many new technologies that have revolutionized the tech world. One such technology that was introduced in this conference was the Android P mobile operating system. They introduced a developer’s preview that had made many significant changes to the core functionality of previous Android systems. They have made many changes to the UI/UX design of the system.

the Developer Preview of Android P Beta 2

This Android P beta version was made available to Android users with Specific Devices such as Pixel or Pixel 2. These changes were introduced to the developers as a preview so that they could understand the new functionality that they are dealing with. This initiative will ensure that the developers understand what Android and Google are trying to sell to their customer in the future and they calibrate their Android App Development according to it. Here are some of the design for Android P that was introduced in the developer preview.

New Emoji

This is probably the most discussed topic related to Android P. The new developer preview has bought new 157 emoji that will enhance the messaging experience. As the Android P runs on AI the emoji is believed to predict before you start typing based on the incoming message. This has got many loyal Android users excited as they have much more to play with.

Quick Reply

Quick reply

There are many times when you reconnect your device with the internet after a long time, the messages from all the applications start to bundle up in the notification bar. The new quick reply feature allows the user to interact with the app through the notification without opening the application. This has enhanced the user intractability by simplifying the notification service on the system.

Biometric Security

Biometric security

The new security API has fortified the system and have made the system compatible with only one user. The biometric security feature has locked all the application using a face lock or Iris lock or fingerprint lock. This API allows the user to access data securely and in a private space. Even if there are any threats, the device will not entertain the threat without the proper authentication credentials. Hence it has been proven extremely essential.

Recent App Changes

Recent app changes

The recent app menu has completely revamped as there are new transitions available for recent applications. The design on the complete menu is completely changed with that transparent background and smart & elegant icons. Apart from the aesthetics, it also has a clear all button that will disperse all the applications instantly. This feature proves the speed upgrade that Android has made to the system.

Controlled Volume Mode

Controlled Volume mode

This is yet another small but significant change that has been made in the application. In the previous Android system, the ringtone volume was controlled along with the media volume. The folks at Android realized that controlling the ringtone volume was not necessary. So they added a slider for only media volume by the right side that has made the system more intractable.

Here are some of the significant changes that are seen in the developer preview of the Android P System. These changes are under review by many app developers that can provide a clear view regarding the Android P system. This changes can be further seen in the later models of Android Phones which will be much faster than your traditional Android phones.

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