Mobile Apps With Artificial Intelligence (AI) Can Aid Tech Businesses In Gaining Market Share: Learn How

Mobile Apps With Artificial Intelligence

AI is indeed the new age technology used by all the different sectors for business purposes. There is no doubt that it was a buzzword some time back. Currently, people from all the business fields are familiar with this service.  

The IT industry has been significantly impacted by the digital transformation, particularly AI development companies. It has unleashed new AI service variables and solutions for different problems.   

When AI was initially launched as the artificial neuron in 1943, it astounded the whole tech community. Today, technology has undergone a complete transformation to meet the ever-evolving demands of new businesses across the globe.  

According to Statista: The market for AI software will grow to $62 billion in 2022 alone, a 21.3% rise from 2021.   

Between 2020 and 2027, AI is expected to grow at a projected annual pace of 33.2%.  

Indigo, Nuro, and Tempus are more well-known tech businesses that have entered the AI-driven industry and have received over $1 billion in equity capital in the expanding market. Additionally, the majority of these businesses emphasize robotic process automation (RPA).

AI Startups Between 2011 -2021

There are many reasons why AI has proved to be the game changer in tech startups and established enterprises. Here we will list down the primary reasons why AI has aided the tech business in gaining market shares.

(1) Outstanding customer service   

All businesses run on their customer ratio, and the majorly successful companies have shown great customer satisfaction. More than 40% of consumers worldwide anticipate prompt customer service from both well-established companies and fresh startups. The customers contribute 14 times more revenue generation.

In some circumstances, companies fail to maintain customer satisfaction. Many mobile app development companies try new factors and methods to hold on to their customer ratio in which they might be successful or they might not.

For such firms, AI is the answer to the customer satisfaction questions. Tech businesses can use AI to deploy chatbots and handle the crucial components of customer support without making a significant financial commitment. Such AI-powered chatbots may not only respond to clients’ questions using natural language processing but they can also collect vital customer information, present them with relevant and tailored offers, foresee the problems they will encounter, and more.

AI app development solutions with chatbots are revolutionizing customer service, which could be a game-changing idea for your tech firm. The use of artificial intelligence in business is essential for delivering exceptional customer experiences.

(2) Data-driven, strategic business decisions

Many startup firms are unaware of the new technology and miss the golden opportunity to be relevant in the market. They might also not know the subscription-based model and its usefulness to their company.   

But AI  Digital Transformation is the simplest way to be relevant in the market. AI is the combination of cloud computing with advanced analytics and ML technology. It helps in a quick understanding of the current keywords, trends, and other relevant things in the market.   

With these data-driven insights at its disposal, the digital startup can dominate its niche market and excel. Vrinsoft is a leading AI Development Company that offers custom AI services with data-driven results and solutions.

(3) Result-Driven Marketing Strategy

For any business, result-driven marketing strategies are important. And when you combine AI services with creativity, there will be astonishing results. AI development companies look forward to new business ideas for result-driven strategies.

We all are well aware of the fact that content is the heart and backbone of any marketing strategy. With an AI-powered content strategy, you are not only aware of the best ideas that have the potential to become viral but also of the precise audience that these ideas can affect.

Other solid examples of how AI-driven marketing campaigns become result-driven include planning and optimizing display ad campaigns, pay-per-click ad campaigns, as well as advanced data mining and data harvesting.

(4) Ensured Data Integrity & Security   

Nowadays, it is quite challenging to identify proper platforms and authentic sites on Google and other search engines. There were nearly 20,000 websites and 50,000 phishing platforms backlisted by Google. In such circumstances, ensuring data integrity and security is essential for any organization.

Mobile app software development companies take the help of advanced AI-powered data security and mechanism. Machine learning algorithms, data safety, security protocols, and more AI technology offer many things to ensure data integrity and security.

If your technology firm has not yet implemented AI-powered solutions for data protection, you are creating a large hole just waiting to take down your business. More and more organizations are now embracing the power of AI to protect their data.

(5) Human-machine communication made seamlessly

Advanced AI solutions can copy and automate operations that humans have performed till now. It saves an organization from a ton of labor hours and allows them to use its unique human capabilities for more challenging and creative work.   

Robotic Process Automation enables seamless communication between humans and machines to increase the productivity and ROI of your efforts and investments. It is fantastic to support AI-driven business efficiency.

Companies in the fields of health, education, food, events, and ticketing take advantage of the capability of AI-driven automation and communication to outperform their rivals and increase their profits. AI facilitates seamless communication between human and machines.

Why Choose Vrinsoft For AI Development Solutions? 

Vrinsoft is a well-known AI development company that works with small and large enterprises, helping them achieve their business objectives. Our organization offers excellent solutions in AI development. We understand the needs of the clients and offer tailored solutions accordingly. The service provided by us is customizable and scalable for AI-driven mobile apps. 

The team at Vrinsoft has an in-depth understanding of the different technologies and industries, and they give excellent service for specific business problems. We make sure to provide enhanced results to the firms with great efficiency and productivity.  

You can consult our AI development experts and start your new journey towards AI-driven solutions today.

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