Major Implications of the Possum Algorithm update by Google

Google recently updated the Possum algorithm. The update gave rise to many speculations about the likely impact it could have on the rankings of various websites. The update in reality, aims at diversifying the local results. It also focuses on preventing rankings of spams. The major implications of the update include:

The ratings of businesses located outside the city limits improved

Prior to the update, the businesses that were located outside the physical limits of the city, faced much difficulty in getting a ranking for keywords that had the name of the city. This problem has been resolved by the update as a majority of such businesses witnessed an increase in their rankings.

Filtering on the basis of affiliation and address

Before the update, local filters that were applied to local results filtered profiles which had a similar domain or phone number. Since Google resorts to filtering duplicate content, the strategy saves users from getting same results of the same company. With the update, businesses which have the same address as that of another listed company tend to get filtered. This implies that users can be saved from the hassle of getting repeated results.

Focus on the physical location from where the search was conducted

The new update focuses on the exact location from where the search was conducted. It is hence important to ensure that location from where the search was conducted is set to the appropriate city while tracking ranking. Tools like Bright Local may be used for this purpose.

Variations in keywords show varied results

Before the update the placement of the keywords did not hold much importance. However, after the update, a considerable amount of fluctuation can be seen in similar keywords. Abbreviations also play a major role in giving the search results.

Independent functioning of the organic and local filter

In earlier times, Google resorted to organic filtration of websites. This involved filtering the specific page linked to the listing. This used to negatively impact the ranking. However, after the update, a number of businesses that link organically filtered pages have started to receive high rankings. The update can help SEO Company India improve the rankings of their clients.

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