Google Releases Android Jetpack to Speed Up Android App Development

Google has made many significant investments in the following time regarding the betterment of Android app development sector. The list goes from various API, to design tools that have focused on enhancing Android applications. One such tool that has gained a lot of attention is the Android Jetpack that was released recently. The Android Jetpack, in a nutshell, is a set of tools and components that are specifically designed to speed up the development process.

The developers who have seen the preview or have worked with the untested version of Jetpack have a different view on the matter where they believe that it would accelerate the app development process. Even still there are some developers who still look for quality and for them Google have made sure along with the development speed the quality of the application also be maintained.

The Jetpack gives the developer easy access to tools that can create unique app features and expressive UI foundation. Without Android Jetpack developing an application with such features and designs can be a really long process. Here are some features and tools available in Android Jetpack that can help you accelerate the development process your Android application.

UI Design

Layout: The layout of the application can easily be maintained and enhanced with the help of Android Jetpack. Easy layout of the application can help the developer give the application a simple User Interface.

Animation and transactions: The transaction of windows can be a really intuitive factor in an application. The jetpack empowers developers with a set of attractive animation and transaction widget that can help you enhance the view of the application.

Wear OS: The Jetpack allows the developer to integrate API that can support wearable devices in the application. This gives the Android platform a new horizon for IoT network and development. Hence Jetpack is also a pioneer in wear app development.


Android KTK: The Android KTK is a set of Kotlin extension that is a part of Android Jetpack. It helps the Android compiler to integrate Kotlin codes in a program. The main purpose of Android KTK is to enable Android development with Kotlin.

Test: Testing of an Android application has been made easy with the help of this framework. The testing process was long and troublesome before the introduction of Jetpack, but the testing framework has included a set of tools that has made testing easy.

Multidex: A dex file is a program that exceeds over 65,536 references in a library and when once a dex file is created you have to create a completely different file. The multidex feature in the jetpack enables the developer to create multiple dex files that can save you a lot of time.


Notifications: The notification is a vital part of any application, and jetpack provides a backward-compatible notification API that can be used for both wear and auto applications. The notification in the application can also include several functions for which you don’t need to open the application at all.

Slices: This API is an innovative idea that can be used for displaying app data outside the application. This API can easily help your application integrate data with inbuilt apps and features such as Google search and Google assistant.

Permission: This feature is helpful to protect the user’s privacy. You can ask the user for certain data with their permission and make the application more personalized for each user. Hence the sensitive data of the user such as contacts, SMS, camera, can only be used with the exclusive permission of the user.

There are many Android App Development companies in India who are learning the potential of the Android Jetpack and are integrating their advantages in the application that they develop. As far as the developers go, there are many developers who are looking to develop their next application with the help of Kotlin and see the results. Hence we can furthermore see innovative features in Android applications where Jetpack will be responsible for most of them.

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