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Gmail and Google Drive Suffering Global Outage

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Facing issues in sending a mail or uploading files on Google Drive? Don’t worry! You are not alone. According to DownDetector, places like Japan, Australia, Canada and India have been affected by this issue greatly.

With many discussing this issue on various social media platforms, Google has gone onto acknowledging this glitch and setting forth its engineers to investigate on having it resolved at the earliest.

Gmail Down - Users report being unable to send emails and attach files

  • Gmail Users facing issues in sending mails and uploading attachments
  • Google Drive also experiencing an error while uploading, downloading and sharing files
  • Users reporting the issue has brought Gmail acknowledging it and agreeing to provide timely updates until its resolution

As per the statement made by them on their G Suite Status Dashboard

The updates on the same shall be made by Google until its resolution.

So all we can hope at the moment is the issue gets resolved at the earliest and one is able to send their mails, upload their attachments, etc, without any hassle ASAP!

admin (Jay Patel)

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