Facebook Sports Stadium – An Ultimate Place for Sports Fans to get Real Time Gaming News

As per current era, sports lover counts get high. As sporting events are becoming people’s bigger part of life. New technology industries are competing for providing distinctive ways to the users. As of now, we watch live sports on TV in Smart phones. But to facilitate millions of sports fans, Facebook introduced an enthralling platform “Sports Stadium”. This facility or service is a great efforts for its end-users and will definitely become a popular destination for enthusiasts.

Facebook Sports Stadium

Now Facebook’s sports fan can try out a new enticing hub to continuously connect with real time sports world. People already use Facebook to celebrate, chat, posts, news, gaming, commiserate with their friends, and now they also can experience devoted place, providing a feeling to watching a game or match live virtually with friends even you are not together.

With Facebook Sports Stadium user may able to communicate on specific games or plays, can see expert’s perspectives and view game’s live status. According to this, this feature includes specific tabs such as: matchup – a summarized recap of each play or play-by-play information that allows users to like, share and comment, Friends – user may see which friends taking what about the game, Experts – professional’s posts or sports Guru’s opinions/talk, and Stats – offers readable app experience. It’s expert’s tab provides a feeling like commentary.

You can get this Facebook Sports Stadium by searching particular game name and you will be provided productive result. As sports become a global interest around the world, this enthralling platform provides a more engaging experience with gaming era. It is the centralized place in Facebook for real time talk about recent gaming events rather importing an additional application.

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