Ensuring Website Accessibility of Government Portals

Many technological advances have marked the growth of the web development industry in recent years. However, many organizations even today, particularly government ones struggle with the idea of providing digital access to their portals to people from all walks of life. The current situation demands that the government should shift its focus to designing websites that can easily be accessed by all.

website accessibility of Government portals

A major issue in this regard is the facility to provide access to government websites to people with disabilities. In order to achieve this goal, it is extremely important to understand the various issues faced by people with disabilities in accessing these websites. The biggest hurdle in achieving this goal remains in the form of navigation. The complex navigation structures of certain websites make it difficult for people with disabilities to access them. The issues can however be resolved by focusing on a few aspects including:

Giving priority to Web Development

Most organizations nowadays fail to provide optimal digital accessibility. The major reason for this flaw is that most of them fail to give much importance to this aspect. It is hence important for organizations to pay attention to this aspect. Ensuring accessibility during the design phase itself can provide a solution to the issue. Specialized organizations may be hired to evaluate the accessibility of a website. These Web Development organizations also provide education to clients regarding ensuring the accessibility of their websites. Training is provided for fixing minor issues. This helps the organizations to become experts and self-reliant.


A lot of organizations now focus on ensuring accessibility through the medium of innovation in design. Good website designs can eliminate various issues related to the accessibility of websites. In order to achieve this goal, a majority of organizations nowadays focus on teaching web designers the art of creating contrasts in order to cater to the needs of visually impaired people. The training also focuses on empowering users and providing them ease and convenience of usage. This requires the application of innovative design techniques. The techniques when used properly can ensure that visually impaired users derive the maximum benefit from these websites.

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