Why Should You Develop A Transportation App Like Uber To Amp Up Your Business?

Vying the success achieved by remarkable transportation apps like Uber, transportation start-ups and businesses around the world consider following suit and understand why developing a transport app could be of prominence.

Uber brought a transcendent revolution and was hailed as a convenient transportation solution for commuters on the go. Not only did it rattle taxi businesses that followed the various traditional norms but also threatened start-ups vying to kick off taxi services offline.


Uber: A Commuter’s Paradise!

Initially, Uber had only one goal in mind and that allowed iOS users to book taxis for easy commuting. However, Uber did not just stop there and sought world transport solutions domination pulling out all stops from introducing luxury cars to capture the attention of high-class commuters who believed that taxis were tacky and also by making taxi sharing simpler by supporting pool options for ride sharers to reduce fare rates for people striving for affordable travelling.

There was a time when people chose to instil their faith in the trusty old man living down the street to get them safely in his pickup truck wherever they needed to go rather than calling an Uber. Uber decided to up its services and is now hailed as the most reliable taxi service so much so inspiring businesses all around the world to come up with industrial services to adhere to the requirements of a la carte solutions.

Important Reasons to Develop Your Own Eminent Transportation App Like Uber

Achieving a mega name like Uber and establishing your transportation app in the big league calls for knowing what you are in for and narrowing down on some extraordinary features to be a transportation app success.

We have mentioned a few reasons why Uber is such a big hit and how you could also be one!

  • Get Smart

Voice-enabled technology for android app development is shaping the way many businesses extend their services with Alexa being the driving force that gives soul to the notion, “Convenience using your voice.”

Passengers can easily command the transport app to carry out the otherwise menial nuisances such as manually selecting a vehicle and all the processes associated with them. All the passenger has to do is command Alexa and it will be provided at your service.

  • Track a Ride

Most passengers running late like to keep a tab where their driver is at and till when they will arrive at the destination. Uber integrates GPS tech for real-time vehicle tracking that keeps the passenger updated.

Moreover for a more secure and reliable ride, the passenger is always kept informed about the route-tracking in the app i.e. as soon as the ride is commenced.

  • Know Your Fare Estimates

Every transportation app should keep in mind that every passenger looking to score a ride likes to remain updated about the cost of the journey. Uber allows users to mention their desired ride details by electronically entering their pickup and drop off location to get more or less accurate fare estimation.

Having an outstanding algorithm to further simplify your process, the passengers can get a clear idea to opt for an affordable ride, selecting a transportation vehicle that is the right fit for their travelling wants.

  • Let Passengers Own Your Wallets

Set up your own smart wallet like Uber has for frequent passengers. A passenger can integrate his own wallet of your transportation app to easily access money from their bank accounts and effortlessly pay the ride’s fare.

  • Panic Button in Times of “Panic”

Every passenger prefers a safe ride rather than an affordable one which compromises on the safety of the riders. To ensure the well-being of the passengers, Uber taxis have a panic button in their app as soon as the ride ensues so that the passenger can press it if in case they feel a sense of dread or danger lurking in front of them.

The panic button immediately alerts authorities and sends notifications to the right people. For every start-up or business looking to develop their own transportation app, a panic button or such a robust security feature should definitely be considered.

  • Make More Money with Heat Maps

A quick buck is always favoured. Every driver associated with the taxi services vies to gain a good number of passengers in a day to surge daily earnings and hence, earn more profit.

Uber came up with a smart solution for this by introducing an avant-garde feature called ‘Heat Maps’ that works as a brilliant card that showcases a map of the high demands of taxis location-wise. The driver can service his taxi and accept requests faster by picking up passengers from the area marking the highest demand of passengers contending for a taxi to take them around.

If you are looking to develop transportation app like Uber to be a stand-out service that mobilizes commuters then you can reach out to Vrinsoft Technology for standard Taxi App Development solutions as we commit ourselves to celebrating your vision.

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