A Champion’s Guide to iOS Application Development

The iOS app store releases thousands of mobile applications every day that is filtered from other thousands of apps that rejected by Apple because of some development flaw. Hence the app count of Apple has reached over 2.2 million applications according to the latest survey. The journey of an iOS app is not easy especially when the app is weak in the matters of design and performance. Therefore it becomes pivotal to develop apps that are robust in the matters of design as well as functionality.

iOS App Development

Even though the app count in the Apple store is less than play store it still generates 70% of total app revenue around the world. A good developer always makes the most of this opportunity by developing an efficient application. Unfortunately, not all app developers take care of their development flaws. According to a survey, 23% of apps are downloaded and uninstalled after the first use. This only happens because of the ignorance of developers towards the mistakes in the development of their application. To make sure that your application doesn’t get thrown out of the competition, here are few tips that will help you in your iOS app development.

Wireframes are a good idea

Building wireframes is a mature thing for a developer to do. The wireframe will layout the complete application design and functionality hence helping you in development. Wireframes are also a good way to reduce the development time and decrease bug generation. It will help you to make time for the designing your application properly, in turn, giving the application a great interface design.

UI is taken seriously in iOS

UI design is a quality that is employed properly on the iOS platform and Apple is proud of it. And to maintain a better standard of performance of the iOS platform, Apple makes sure that the applications on the app store have the same standard. Apart from the requirement point of view, a good UI is extremely important for user retention. It is the first impression of your application in the user’s mind. Therefore it is important to give the UI design of your application equal importance like you give to the development.

Support all iOS devices

There are many devices that Apple has released and there are users of all devices around the world. As a developer, it becomes your duty that your application supports and is compatible with all the devices. Even if you keep one device specific in your mind, at least the UI design should be compatible with all the devices.

Never end without testing

Testing your application is as important as giving your application a good design. If you don’t test your application, it will increase the chance of bug detection hence lowering your app performance. You should ensure that the application is tested professionally and the bug is sorted out before the release. You can add two or three level of testing to make sure that everything is working fine.

Consider hybrid app development

Surely there is nothing like a native app and the API that only native application can provide. But a hybrid app is a great option if you are new to app development. A hybrid app can help you conquer both Android and iOS platform market simultaneously and when your application becomes successful, you can introduce a native app for each platform.

App development is never the ending

Only developing an application is not the end of the development or your business. The technology is moving at a fast pace and it is pivotal to keep up with the moving technology. So you have to introduce updates to the application regularly. With the help of updates, you can maintain your application, introduce new features and design to your application. Therefore it is a good practice to introduce app updates regularly.

The iOS app development is not necessarily a hard task if you follow the correct development guidelines. There are many iPhone App Development companies in India in major IT hub cities such as Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Mumbai, etc., that follows the development guidelines for efficient iPhone app development. It is also possible for you to develop sound quality iOS applications if you follow the same development guidelines.

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