We developed an accounting software using the Blockchain concept. At Vrinsoft we have extensive knowledge of Cryptocurrencies and the crypto market. Our task was to create an accounting software that kept track of the asset value in multiple wallets, accept payment with cryptocurrencies. We choose the latest technologies to develop a high performing accounting system based on Blockchain. 

  • MySQL database
  • Google server (Google Meet)
  • Web & Mobile

Notable Milestones


  • Automation  
  • Improved Customer Experience  
  • Real-time Insights  
  • Increased Revenue  


  • Clearly define the scope of the project and the objectives to be achieved. Ensure that the client’s expectations are aligned with the project goals. 
  • Choose the right technology stack that aligns with the project goals and client’s requirements. Select tools and frameworks that are scalable, secure, and easy to maintain. 
  • Build a prototype or a minimum viable product (MVP) to test the feasibility of the project. Get feedback from the client and make necessary adjustments. 
  • Develop the online portal and rigorously test it to ensure that it meets the quality standards and requirements. Use automated testing tools to save time and resources. 
  • Launch the online portal and monitor its performance. Gather feedback from the client and end-users and make necessary improvements. 


  • Improved customer engagement  
  • Enhanced client satisfaction  

Project Highlights

  • An accounting system that allows the use of cryptocurrencies for various transactions. 
  • FinTech system developed using Blockchain concept to track portfolio in real time, multiple cryptocurrency wallets, etc. 
  • The technologies chosen for this project were Python, Java, Django, integration of several Amazon services, etc. 
  • A Blockchain system was developed using Python since is a robust language that allows to create versatile accounting apps.  

Our Client

Our client requirements were to design an accounting solution that would consist of multiple wallets, several cryptocurrencies, and several other features. Their aim was to find the perfect accounting solution based on blockchain by reducing the number of tasks, dividing them into smaller ones, and constantly monitoring the performance in real-time. The client also required a real-time overview of their assets, including the transactions for several networks like Polygon, Bitcoin, etc. 

Client Requirement

  • An accounting system based on blockchain technology  
  • Solution must support multiple wallets for storing cryptocurrencies 
  •  It should provide a real-time overview of assets 
  • Ensure data security and privacy  
  • Solution should be scalable 

Proposed Solution to fix operational process

Our solution was to first allow Vrinsoft’s skilled team of developers to spend time with the core technical team of the client to gain a full-understanding of the project. We proposed developing a platform that natively integrates token-based payments. It would be a system that integrates all the features into one good solution like accounting, invoicing, cryptocurrency wallets and more. This was essentially to be a website application with a detailed backend administrative panel. We technologies picked for this project Python, Django, Java, Amazon SNS, SES, ELB, CloudWatch, Testflight and several others. 

Why we chose this solution: The project was all about creating an accounting solution that would include the use of Cryptocurrencies. Hence the website was developed using the Blockchain technology.


The reason we chose Python is that it has been around for a while and is a robust language that is extremely versatile and effective.


This happens to be a simple language that also has several free packages for Blockchain development.

Key Features


  • 01. Real-time Overview

    Users can track the portfolio value in real-time and gain an overview of all assets.

  • 02. Wallets

    Ability to connect, group, organize addresses for various ledgers.

  • 03. Organize Contacts

    Allows users to organise the contacts to perform tasks like invoice generation and other transaction related tasks simpler.

  • 04. Reports

    Generate essential accounting reports with a click of a button.

  • 05. Invoice

    The platform allows users to create crypto-to-crypto invoices and share it effortlessly with the clients.

  • 06. Dark Mode

    User will have the ability to change the background color of the app based on their preference and take advantage of the 'Dark Mode' feature. This helps reduce the eye strain associated with the blue light emitted from electronic devices like mobile and computers.

  • 07. Metamask

    The system will allow users to access their wallets on Metamask to pay the invoice while ensuring the very best price and lowest network fee.

  • 08. Cloud Storage

    Cloud storage for the application owners ensure the confidentiality and security of their data.

  • 09. Chatbot

    Customer support system for the users to get answers to their queries at any time of the day. This is an automated chatbot system.

  • 10. Notification

    Keep the users well informed with the help of an efficient notification system.


Benefits of Hospitality Website

With great advancement in technology a digital solution like website or mobile application is ideal for any finance company. Technology and finance always go together. Upgrading systems or developing new and smarter systems for the consumers is the best way to increase the efficiency of a financial institute. A FinTech system can help reduce costs, increase profits, automate tasks, increase functionality, and improve usability. Blockchain is ideal technology for new finance systems and is creating waves in the world of business. 

The Result

This FinTech project was a success in many ways. It exceeded the initial expectations of our client and they thanked us for it.


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