Wearable Device for Adaptive Breathing Monitoring System

Our client, a startup company, had developed a new BLE-based hardware device to measure breathing patterns for athletes. They approached our team with a request to develop a mobile application to enable users to easily visualize and monitor their breathing patterns in real-time. Our team took up the challenge and worked closely with the client to create a user-friendly and efficient mobile application for the new device.   

  • Android (Kotlin)
  • IOS (Swift)
  • Admin (Laravel)
  • IOS
  • Android
  • Website

Notable Milestones


  • Provide real-time breathing pattern measurements during physical activities. 
  • Use machine learning to improve accuracy over time. 
  • Enable viewing of past measurements and progress tracking.
  • Set and track achievable goals for athletes. 


  • Conduct thorough research on existing devices and apps. 
  • Develop an app for BLE-based hardware. 
  • Integrate the application with the machine’s hardware. 
  • Build Android and iOS applications to utilize the device. 
  • Ensure the machine’s algorithm integrates with app functionalities. 
  • Utilize agile development methodologies.
  • Incorporate regular testing and feedback.


  • Increased accuracy  
  • Improved user experience 
  • Increased engagement 

Project Highlights

  • The client asked for a mobile app to monitor breathing patterns in real-time. 
  • Our team accepted the challenge and worked closely with the client to understand their requirements and needs. 
  • We designed and developed a user-friendly and efficient mobile application for the new device.
  • The application enabled users to monitor their breathing patterns in real-time, providing visual feedback on their phone screen. 
  • Our team incorporated various features such as historical data analysis, personalized recommendations, and progress tracking. 
  • The final product was successfully delivered to the client, meeting their expectations and requirements. 
  • The mobile application received positive feedback from the client and their users, with many reporting significant improvements in their breathing patterns and athletic performance. 

Our Client

The company is committed to improving breathing health. With over 40 years of combined experience in designing and manufacturing breathing devices, they have specialized in creating CPAP devices for treating sleep apnea and PAPRs for providing respiratory protection. They embarked on a new mission to develop a revolutionary healthy breathing platform that provides a holistic solution to address some of the widespread breathing health issues that the world is facing. This platform is based on patented technology and is designed to improve the overall respiratory health of individuals. 

Client Requirement

  • Develop a mobile application for real-time monitoring and visualization of breathing patterns.   
  • Ensure user-friendliness and efficiency of the application with a modern and appealing interface. 
  • Integrate the application with the client’s BLE-based hardware device that measures breathing patterns for athletes. 
  • Include features such as historical data analysis, personalized recommendations, and progress tracking in the application. 

Breathing Pattern Monitoring Mobile App for Athletes 

We analyse the functionalities of the device and build an application that is integrated with the device using the BLE system. Our development team utilized Kotlin and Swift to build applications for both Android and iOS devices. We implemented various breathing exercises in the application to help users monitor and improve their breathing practices. With rigorous testing on the device and application, we deliver one-of-a-kind solution that accurately monitors breathing. 

Why we chose this solution: We chose this solution because of the following reasons: 


We choose Koltin and Swift for mobile app development to offer an optimal performance. 


We needed to integrate BLE-based hardware and needed to solve issues such as reading sensor data, controlling device settings, or establishing a secure connection. 


We also needed to utilize platform-specific APIs for BLE-based hardware. 


We made sure that it had smooth and stable data synchronization between the app and the BLE hardware.

Key Features


  • 01. Real-time Breathing Pattern Monitoring

    Our mobile app helps athletes keep track of their breathing in real-time. It shows them clear pictures of how they're breathing and gives them helpful advice tailored just for them. This helps athletes learn to breathe better and care for their lungs.

  • 02. Integration with BLE-Based Hardware Device

    The mobile app works together with the client's hardware device that uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. It gives you helpful and customized information about your breathing patterns, which can lead to practical suggestions for improving your respiratory health.

  • 03. Historical Data Analysis and Personalized Recommendations

    Our app analyses how users breathe and their health history to give them advice and suggestions that can help improve breathing and stay healthy. It uses information about their breathing patterns and other recommendation to give personalized recommendations.

  • 04. Intuitive and Accessible Interface

    Our mobile application has a modern and user-friendly interface, allowing easy navigation and monitoring of breathing patterns. It is also compatible with various mobile devices for broad accessibility.


Benefits of Solution

We successfully integrated BLE-based breathing devices with mobile application development. Users can easily monitor and improve their breathing with the application. We also added various breathing exercises for the application and created a bespoke application for users. The devices were focused on athletes, but with an application, they can now expand to different categories. 

The Result

The client was very happy with the app, and they hired us for ongoing support and maintenance of the application. We are now building a phase 3 application for the device that allows more functions and features.


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